Session No. 107 Wednesday, November 7, 2001

8:00 AM-12:00 PM, Hynes Convention Center: 202
Stratigraphy II: Carbonate Sedimentology and Diagenesis
Kathryn A. Schubel and John B. Thurmond, Presiding
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107-08:00 AM FLOATING RAFTS OF CALCITE CRYSTALS IN CAVE POOLS, CENTRAL TEXAS: CRYSTAL HABIT VS. SATURATION STATE: TAYLOR, Penny M., Department of Geosciences, Univ of Houston, 312 Science and Research Building 1, Houston, TX 77204-5007, and CHAFETZ, Henry S., Department of Geosciences, University of Houston, 312 Science and Research Building 1, Houston, TX 77204-5007
107-08:15 AM ORIGIN OF POROUS LAYERS IN POOL FINGERS, HIDDEN CAVE, NEW MEXICO: RECRYSTALLIZED MOONMILK?: MELIM, Leslie A.1, SPILDE, Michael N.2, BOSTON, Penelope J.3, NORTHUP, Diana E.3, and QUEEN, J. Michael4, (1) Geology Department, Western Illinois Univ, 1 University Circle, Macomb, IL 61455,, (2) Institute of Meteoritics, Univ of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131, (3) Biology Dept, Univ of New Mexico, Castetter Hall, Albuquerque, NM 87131, (4) Department of Geology, Pomona College, Claremont, CA 91711
107-08:30 AM MICROSTRUCTURES AND TEXTURES OF EXPERIMENTALLY DOLOMITIZED BAHAMIAN OOIDS: IMPLICATIONS FOR REACTION MECHANISMS OF DOLOMITIZATION: SCHUBEL, Kathryn A., Dept. of Geology and Environmental Geosciences, Lafayette College, Easton, PA 18042,, VEBLEN, David R., Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Johns Hopkins Univ, 3400 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21218-2608, and MALONE, Mitchell J., Ocean Drilling Program, Dept. of Geology and Geophysics, Texas A&M Univ - College Station, 1000 Discovery Dr, College Station, TX 77845-7547
107-09:00 AM QUATERNARY DIAGENESIS AND DOLOMITIZATION OF CALCAREOUS RED ALGAE: HUMPHREY, John D., KATZ, David A., and CANTER, K. Lyn, Colorado School Mines, 1500 Illinois St, Golden, CO 80401-1887,
107-09:15 AM THE CAMBRIAN DIAGENETIC REVOLUTION: CORSETTI, Frank A., Earth Science, Univ of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 90089,, BOTTJER, David J., Department of Earth Sciences, Univ of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0740, and DORNBOS, Stephen Q., Earth Science, Univ Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0740
 9:30 AM Break
107-09:45 AM THE EXISTENCE OF PROTODOLOMITE: IMPLICATIONS OF THE EXISTENCE OF NANOCRYSTALLINE HYDROUS CALCIUM MAGNESIUM CARBONATE PHASES: KELLEHER, Ian J., Brooks School, 1160 Great Pond Road, North Andover, MA 01845, and REDFERN, Simon A.T., Department of Earth Sciences, Univ of Cambridge, Downing Street, Cambridge, CB2 3EQ, United Kingdom
107-010:00 AM FABRICS AND GENESIS OF MICROBIAL REEFS IN THE TERMINAL NEOPROTEROZOIC NAMA GROUP (CENTRAL NAMIBIA): SCHRÖDER, Stefan1, ADAMS, Erwin W.1, GROTZINGER, John P.2, MCCORMICK, David S.3, AMTHOR, Joachim E.4, AL-HASHIMI, Rashid4, AL-JAIDI, Omar4, AL-SIYABI, Hisham4, SMITH, David W.2, and WOOD, Rachel5, (1) Earth Resources Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 42 Carleton St, Cambridge, MA 02142,, (2) Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, (3) Schlumberger-Doll Rsch, Old Quarry Rd, Ridgefield, CT 06877-4108, (4) Petroleum Development Oman, P.O. Box 81, Mina-al-Fahal, Muscat, PC 113, Oman, (5) Schlumberger Cambridge Rsch, High Cross, Madingley Road, Cambridge, CB3 0EL, United Kingdom
107-010:15 AM DIGITAL MAPPING OF THE GEOMETRY AND STRATAL PATTERNS OF MICROBIAL REEFS, TERMINAL NEOPROTEROZOIC NAMA GROUP, NAMIBIA: ADAMS, Erwin W.1, SCHROEDER, Stefan1, GROTZINGER, John P.1, MCCORMICK, David S.2, AMTHOR, Joachim E.3, AL-HASHIMI, Rashid3, AL-JAIDI, Omar3, AL-SIYABI, Hisham3, and SMITH, David W.1, (1) Earth Resources Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 42 Carleton Street, Cambridge, MA 02142-1324,, (2) Schlumberger-Doll Rsch, Old Quarry Rd, Ridgefield, CT 06877-4108, (3) Petroleum Development Oman, Muscat, Oman
107-010:30 AM THREE DIMENSIONAL MAPPING OF PERMIAN MUD-MOUNDS, LAST CHANCE CANYON, NEW MEXICO: THURMOND, John B.1, DRZEWIECKI, Peter A.2, and MARKELLO, James R.2, (1) Geosciences Department, Univ of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX,, (2) ExxonMobil Upstream Rsch Co, P. O. Box 2189, Houston, TX 77027
107-010:45 AM TIMING AND ORIGIN OF CAVITIES WITHIN MEIKLEJOHN PEAK, A MID-ORDOVICIAN MUDMOUND FROM SOUTHWESTERN NEVADA: WOODS, Adam D., Department of Physical Sciences, Santa Ana College, 1530 West Seventeenth St, Santa Ana, CA 92706,
107-011:00 AM QUANTIFYING FACIES PATTERNS, SHAPES AND SIZES BY INTEGRATING REMOTE SENSING, GIS, AND CARBONATE SEDIMENTOLOGY: THREE CREEKS AREA, ANDROS ISLAND, BAHAMAS: RANKEY, Eugene C., Geological and Atmospheric Sciences, Iowa State Univ, 253 Science 1, Ames, IA 50011-0001, and VANDER VELDEN, Kent, Department of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, ISU, Ames, IA 50011
107-011:15 AM UNDERSTANDING SOFT-SEDIMENT DEFORMATION IN A MIDDLE/LATE ORDOVICIAN CALCARENITIC SHOAL COMPLEX: STEWART, Alexander K., Dept. of Geological Sciences, Univ of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506-0053, and ETTENSOHN, Frank, Geological Sciences, Univ of Kentucky, 101 Slone, Lexington, KY 40506-0053

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