Session No. 14 Monday, November 5, 2001

8:00 AM-12:00 PM, Hynes Convention Center: 106
T21. Recent Advances in Deep-Water Facies Models
Art D. Donovan and Morgan D. Sullivan, Presiding
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14-08:00 AM DEEP-WATER FACIES MODELS: AN OVERVIEW: DONOVAN, Art D., Upstream Technology Group, BP, 1 Windermere Lane, Houston, TX 77063,, YEILDING, Cindy A., BP Exploration, 1 Windermere Lane, Houston, TX 77063, and MAYALL, Michael J., Angola Exploration Team, BP, Sunbury, United Kingdom
14-08:15 AM DEEP WATER SEQUENCE STRATIGRAPHY REVEALED USING 3D SEISMIC VISUALIZATION TECHNIQUES: RADOVICH, Barbara J., Texas Upstream Technology, 4800 Fournace Place, Bellaire, TX 77401-2324, and HENRY, Katie L., Texaco Exploration, 1111 Bagby, Houston, TX 77002-2543
14-08:30 AM THE BRAZOS/TRINITY INTRA-SLOPE BASIN COMPLEX, TEXAS CONTINENTAL SLOPE, GULF: BEAUBOUEF, R. T. and PIRMEZ, C., Reservoir Characterization, ExxonMobil Upstream Rsch Co, PO Box 2189, Houston, TX 77252,
14-08:45 AM PREDICTING AND EXPLAINING RESERVOIR DISTRIBUTIONS IN A GOM INTRASALT BASIN: YEILDING, Cindy A., BP Exploration, 501 WestLake Park Blvd, Houston, TX 77079,, BANFIELD, Laura A., BP Exploration, Aberdeen, 77079, United Kingdom, and PROPES, Russ, BP, 501 WestLake Park Blvd, Houston, TX 77079
14-09:00 AM OUTCROP EXPRESSION OF CONFINED CHANNEL COMPLEXES: CAMPION, Kirt M.1, SPRAGUE, A. R.1, SULLIVAN, Morgan D.1, MOHRIG, David C.2, ARDILL, John A.3, LOVELL, Richard W.3, and DRZEWIECKI, Peter A.4, (1) ExxonMobil Upstream Rsch Co, P. O. Box 2189, Houston, TX 77252-2189,, (2) Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139, (3) ExxonMobil Exploration Co, P. O. Box 4778, Houston, TX 77210, (4) ExxonMobil Upstream Rsch Co, P. O. Box 2189, Houston, TX 77027
14-09:15 AM ARCHITECTURE OF A SINUOUS SUBMARINE-CHANNEL COMPLEX, LEWIS SHALE, SOUTHERN WYOMING: SLATT, Roger M.1, PYLES, David R.2, BRACKLEIN, Carl3, YOUNG, Roger4, and STAGGS, Julie1, (1) School of Geology and Geophysics, Univ of Oklahoma, Norman, OK 73019,, (2) Department of Geological Sciences, Univ of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309-0399, (3) Shell Offshore, New Orleans, LA, (4) School of Geology and Geophysics, Univ of Oklahoma, 100 E. Boyd St, Norman, OK 73019
 9:30 AM Break
14-09:45 AM AN OUTCROP–BASED DEPOSITIONAL MODEL FOR A SUBMARINE SLOPE SYSTEM, MAGALLANES BASIN, SOUTHERN CHILE: SHULTZ, Michael R. and COPE, Timothy, Geological and Environmental Science, Stanford Univ, Braun Hall, Stanford, CA 94305,
14-010:00 AM ARCHITECTURE OF A CRETACEOUS CHANNEL-LEVEE COMPLEX, CERRO TORO FORMATION, MAGALLANES BASIN, CHILE: CRANE, William H. and LOWE, Donald R., Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, Stanford Univ, Building 320, Room 118, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-2115,
14-010:15 AM PROXIMAL-DISTAL RELATIONSHIPS OF DEEP-WATER DEPOSITS, PERMIAN BRUSHY CANYON FORMATION, WEST TEXAS: ROMANS, Brian W., Department of Geology and Geological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, 1500 Illinois St, Golden, CO 80401,
14-010:30 AM DIAGENESIS AND RESERVOIR QUALITY OF TURBIDITE SANDSTONES IN THE BELL CANYON FORMATION, DELAWARE BASIN, TEXAS: DUTTON, Shirley P., Bureau of Economic Geology, Univ Texas - Austin, University Station, PO Box X, Austin, TX 78713-8924, and BARTON, Mark D., Shell International Exploration and Production, Inc, Bldg 1000, Room 2067, 3737 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77025
14-010:45 AM SANDSTONE REMOBILISATION IN THE PALEOGENE DEEP-WATER SANDSTONE RESERVOIRS OF THE NORTH SEA: EXAMPLES FROM THE ALBA FIELD AND GRYPHON FIELD: DURANTI, Davide1, PURVIS, Kevin2, FLANAGAN, Kevin2, BELL, Chris3, HURST, Andrew1, CARTWRIGHT, Joe4, HUUSE, Mads4, and MAZZINI, Adriano1, (1) Geology & Petroleum Geology, Univ of Aberdeen, Meston Building, Aberdeen, AB24 3UE, United Kingdom,, (2) Kerr-McGee North Sea Ltd, Niniah House, Crawpeel Road, Aberdeen, United Kingdom, (3) Chevron UK, Seafield House, Hill of Rubislaw, Aberdeen, United Kingdom, (4) Earth Sciences, University of Cardiff
14-011:00 AM AN EXPERIMENTAL MODEL OF THE ARCHITECTURAL DEVELOPMENT OF SUBMARINE FAN CHANNELS DUE TO DEPOSITIONAL TURBIDITY CURRENTS: BUTTLES, James L., Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 42 Carleton St, E34-356A, Cambridge, MA 02139,, MOHRIG, David, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 77 Mass Ave, E54, Cambridge, MA 02139, and GROTZINGER, John P., Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 77 Mass Ave, E54-816, Cambridge, MA 02139
14-011:15 AM APPLICATION OF DEEPWATER OUTCROP ANALOG DATA TO 3-D RESERVOIR MODELING: SULLIVAN, Morgan D. and FOREMAN, J. Lincoln, Upstream Research Company, ExxonMobil, Box 2189, Houston, TX 77252-2189,

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