Session No. T12 Thursday, June 28, 2001

4:30 PM-6:00 PM, Edinburgh International Conference Centre: Poster area
T12. Biodegradation of Petroleum—Implications for the Deep Biosphere (Posters)
Steve Larter, Arnd Wilhelms and Ian Head, Presiding
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THE COMPOSITION OF BIODEGRADED OILS IN THE DEEP SUBSURFACE-IMPLICATIONS FOR PREDICTION OF DEGRADATION LEVEL AND THE ACTIVITY OF THE DEEP BIOSPHERE: LARTER, Steve1, WILHELMS, Arnd2, HEAD, Ian1, DI PRIMIO, Rolando2, ZWACH, Christian3, APLIN, Andy1, BOWLER, Berni1, JONES, Martin1, and TELNAES, Nils2, (1) FFEGI/NRG, U. Newcastle U Tyne, Drummond Building, Newcastle, NE1 7RU, United Kingdom,, (2) Basin Modelling and Geochemistry, Norsk Hydro Research Center, Sandsli, Bergen, 1, Norway, (3) Basin Modelling and Geochemistry, Norsk Hydro Rsch Ctr, Sandsli, Bergen, 1, Norway
Paper Withdrawn
BIODEGRADATION OF CRUDE OILS IN THE PETROLEUM SYSTEMS OFFSHORE NORWAY: NEW MOLECULAR INSIGHTS FROM FUNCTIONALIZED PETROLEUM CONSTITUENTS: OLDENBURG, Thomas B.P.1, WILKES, Heinz1, HORSFIELD, Brian1, STODDART, Daniel2, and WILHELMS, Arnd2, (1) Research Centre Juelich GmbH (KFA), Institute of Petroleum and Organic Geochemistry (ICG-4), Juelich, 52425, Germany,, (2) Norsk Hydro A.S, Sandsliveien 90, Bergen, 5020, Norway

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