Session No. T18 Monday, June 25, 2001

1:20 PM-3:00 PM, Edinburgh International Conference Centre: Sidlaw
T18. Interactions Between the Cryosphere and Biogeochemical Cycles
Martyn Tranter, Martin Sharp and Mark L. Skidmore, Presiding
Start Time
1:20 PM BIOGEOCHEMICAL PROCESSES IN A POLAR DESERT: EXAMPLES FROM THE MCMURDO DRY VALLEYS, ANTARCTICA: LYONS, W. Berry, Dept. of Geological Sciences and Byrd Polar Research Center, The Ohio State Univ, 1090 Carmack Road, Columbus, OH 43210,, MCKNIGHT, Diane M., INSTAAR, Univ of Colorado, Boulder, CO, PRISCU, John C., Montana State Univ, Bozeman, MT, WELCH, Kathy A., Byrd Polar Research Center, The Ohio State Univ, Columbus, OH, NEUMANN, Klaus, Department of Geology, Ball State Univ, Muncie, IN, DORAN, Peter T., Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Univ of Illinois, Chicago, Chicago, IL, FOUNTAIN, Andrew G., Portland State Univ, Portland, OR, and LAYBOURN-PARRY, Johanna, Univ of Nottingham, Nottingham, United Kingdom,
2:00 PM THE IMPORTANCE OF GRADUAL CHEMICAL WEATHERING ON NUTRIENT RELEASE IN TWO GLACIATED AREAS IN THE SWISS ALPS: ARN, Kaspar, HOSEIN, Rachel, ADATTE, Thierry, FOELLMI, Karl, and STEINMANN, Philipp, Institut de Géologie, Université de Neuchâtel, Rue Emile-Argand 11, Neuchâtel, 2007, Switzerland,
2:20 PM A SEM STUDY OF THE CHEMICAL WEATHERING RATES OF APATITES IN TWO GLACIATED CATCHMENTS IN THE SWISS ALPS: HOSEIN, R.1, LEE, M.2, ARN, K.1, FÖLLMI, K.1, and STEINMANN, P.1, (1) Institut de Geologie, Univ of Neuchâtel, Rue Emile Argand 11, Neuchâtel, 2007, Switzerland,, (2) Department of Earth Sciences, Univ of Glasgow, Lilly bank Gardens, Glasgow, United Kingdom
2:40 PM MICROBIAL UTILISATION OF BEDROCK COMPONENTS DURING CHEMICAL WEATHERING IN SUBGLACIAL ENVIRONMENTS: PARKES, J.1, KIVIMAKI, A-L.1, BOTTRELL, S. H.2, RAISWELL, R.2, SKIDMORE, M.1, TRANTER, M.1, and WADHAM, J. L.1, (1) Biogeochemistry Research Centre and Bristol Glaciology Centre, Univ of Bristol, Bristol, BS8 1SS, United Kingdom,, (2) School of Earth Sciences, Univ of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT, United Kingdom

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