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The North Carolina Geological Survey (NCGS) has had the responsibility, by state law, to "…manage and direct topographic mapping…." Through a cooperative program with the U.S. Geological Survey's National Mapping Division (USGS-NMD), each state dollar is matched by a federal dollar. State funding has declined from ~$400,000 in the 1960's to $177,000 - now only enough to revise 19 of the state's 953 quadrangles annually. Less money in inflation adjusted dollars is being spent now on topographic map revision than since the mid-1960's. A coordinated state and federal effort over the last three state fiscal years resulted in ~48% of topographic maps being <10 years old. Users have asked how up-to-date is each topographic map. There are two map dates: 1) "currentness," and 2) version year. The most current map date is frequently not the date printed on the map. Maps which were recently photoinspected, and deemed "current," may have currentness year dates that are more recent than the date on the printed map. The USGS-NMD database was corrected for North Carolina on November 30, 2000. A table showing "current" and version years, and status maps are at Because of decreased state and federal funding and higher revision costs, many of the maps that are up-to-date now (<10 years old), will be outdated in 5 years, especially in rapidly developing areas. Aging of this spatial framework layer decreases its utility in many disciplines. Because digital raster graphics are made from the paper maps, the state's digital layer will "age" at the same rate as the paper maps. Even with an influx of funding, the state's topographic map revision program cannot be restored in the short term. Map "currentness" will decline rapidly statewide. The NC General Assembly transferred funding stewardship and program responsibility to the N.C. Office of State Planning on July 1, 2000. The N.C. State Map Advisory Committee provides advice on topographic map revision priorities.

Southeastern Section - 50th Annual Meeting (April 5-6, 2001)
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