Session No. 178 Tuesday, October 29, 2002

1:30 PM-5:30 PM, Colorado Convention Center: A102/104/106
T89. Impact Stratigraphy
David T. King and Michael Robert Rampino, Presiding
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178-11:30 PM THE STRATIGRAPHIC RECORD OF IMPACT EVENTS: KOEBERL, Christian, Institute of Geochemistry, Univ of Vienna, Althanstrasse 14, Vienna A-1090 Austria,
178-21:45 PM EVIDENCE FOR A COMET IMPACT TRIGGER FOR THE PALEOCENE/EOCENE THERMAL MAXIMUM AND CARBON ISOTOPE EXCURSION: KENT, Dennis V.1, CRAMER, Benjamin S.2, LANCI, Luca2, WANG, Daming3, WRIGHT, James D.4, and VAN DER VOO, Rob5, (1) Geological Sciences, Rutgers University and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Piscataway, NJ 08854,, (2) Geological Sciences, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ 08854, (3) Geological Sciences, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, (4) Dept. of Geological Sci, Rutgers Univ, 610 Taylor Rd, Piscataway, NJ 08854-8066, (5) Geological Sciences, Univ of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109
178-32:05 PM LARGE-IMPACT TRIGGERED TSUNAMI DEPOSITS IN THE DEEP SEA: EXAMPLES FROM THE 65MA CHICXULUB CRATER AND 2.5-2.6GA HAMERSLEY BASIN: SMIT, Jan, Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences, Vrije Universiteit, de Boelelaan 1085, Amsterdam, 1081HV, Netherlands,, SIMONSON, Bruce M., Geology Department, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH 44074, HASSLER, Scott, John F. Kennedy Univ, Orinda, CA 94563, and SUMNER, Dawn, Geology Department, Univ of California at Davis, Davis, CA 95616
178-42:25 PM IMPACT SPHERULE LAYERS IN EARLY PRECAMBRIAN SUCCESSIONS: SIMONSON, Bruce M., Geology Dept, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH 44074,
178-52:45 PM EJECTA VERSUS CRATERING RECORD ON EARTH: CLAEYS, Philippe, Dept. of Geology, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Pleinlaan 2, B-1050, Brussels Belgium,
178-63:00 PM ARGENTINE IMPACT RECORD: SCHULTZ, Peter H.1, ZARATE, M.2, HAMES, W.E.3, KING, J.4, HEIL, C.4, KOEBERL, C.5, RENNE, P.R.6, and BLASI, A.7, (1) Brown Univ, PO Box 1846, Providence, RI 02912-1846,, (2) Universidad Nacional de La Pampa, Santa Rosa, Argentina, (3) Department of Geology, Auburn Univ, 210 Petrie Hall, Auburn, AL 36849, (4) Graduate School of Oceanography, Univ of Rhode Island, Narragansett, RI 02882, (5) Institute of Geochemistry, Univ of Vienna, Althanstrasse 14, A-1090, Vienna, Austria, (6) Berkeley Geochronolgy Ctr, 2455 Ridge Road, Berkeley, CA 94709, (7) Universidad National de La Plata, LaPlata, Argentina
178-73:15 PM A POSSIBLE SOURCE CRATER FOR THE ELTANIN IMPACT LAYER: GLATZ, Christy A.1, ABBOTT, Dallas H.2, and NUNES, Alice A.2, (1) Department of Geological Sciences, Univ of Maine, 5790 Bryand Global Sciences Center, Orono, ME 04469,, (2) Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, PO Box 1000, Palisades, NY 10964-8000
178-83:30 PM BOTTLE GREEN MICROTEKTITES FROM THE SOUTH TASMAN RISE (ODP SITE 1169): EVIDENCE FOR AN IMPACT EVENT NEAR THE MIOCENE/PLIOCENE BOUNDARY: KELLY, Daniel Clay, Geology & Geophysics, Univ of Wisconsin, 1215 W. Dayton Street, Madison, WI 53706, and ELKINS TANTON, Lindy, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 54-1212, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138
178-93:45 PM PROBABLE SHOCKED QUARTZ AS EVIDENCE FOR AN UPPER EOCENE IMPACT HORIZON IN COASTAL PLAIN STRATA, WARREN COUNTY, GEORGIA, U.S.A: HARRIS, R. Scott1, DUNCAN, Mack S.2, HOLLAND, Steven M.1, RODEN, Michael F.1, and SCHROEDER, Paul A.1, (1) Department of Geology, Univ of Georgia, 210 Field Street, Athens, GA 30602-2501,, (2) J.M. Huber Corporation, P.O. Box 528, Wrens, GA 30833
178-104:00 PM THE DISTRIBUTION OF UNMELTED IMPACT EJECTA ASSOCIATED WITH THE UPPER EOCENE CLINOPYROXENE-BEARING (CPX) SPHERULE LAYER: LIU, Shaobin, Geology, Univ of Delaware, 101 Penny Hall, Newark, DE 19716, and GLASS, Billy P., Geloogy, Univ of Delware, 101 Penny Hall, Newark, DE 19716
178-114:15 PM DISTRIBUTION, COMPOSITION, AND ORIGIN OF THE CHICXULUB SPHEROID BED IN SOUTHERN QUINTANA ROO, MEXICO AND NORTHERN BELIZE: POPE, Kevin O., Geo Eco Arc Rsch, 16305 St. Mary's Church Road, Aquasco, MD 20608,, OCAMPO, Adriana C., ESTEC, Planetary Division, European Space Agency, code SCI-SB, Keplerlann 1, Noordwijk, Netherlands, AMES, Doreen E., Geol Survey of Canada, 601 Booth Street, Ottawa, ON K1A 0E8, Canada, and FOUKE, Bruce, Geology, UIUC, 1301 W.Green St., 245NHB, Urbana, IL 61801
178-124:30 PM CARBONATE EJECTA SPHERULES IN CRETACEOUS-TERTIARY BOUNDARY DEPOSITS, BRAZOS RIVER, TEXAS: YANCEY, Thomas E., Department Geology, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843-3115,
178-134:45 PM A TALE OF TWO BOLIDES: COMPARING THE CRETACEOUS-PALEOGENE (K-T) AND NEWLY IDENTIFIED MIDDLE DEVONIAN EIFELIAN-GIVETIAN IMPACTS: ELLWOOD, Brooks B., Louisiana State Univ, E235 Howe-Russell, Baton Rouge, LA 70803-0001,, BENOIST, Stephen L., Geology and Geophysics, Louisiana State Univ, E235 Howe-Russell Building, Baton Rouge, LA 70803, EL HASSANI, Ahmed, Departement de Geologie, Institut Scientifique, Avenue Ibn Batouta, B. P. 703, Rabat Agdal, Morocco, MACDONALD, William D., SUNY at Binghamton, PO Box 6000, Binghamton, NY 13902-6000, and CRICK, Rex E., Geoscience Department, Univ of Texas at Arlington, Box 19049, Arlington, TX 76019
178-145:00 PM CHICXULUB AND SUDBURY: COMPARISON OF IMPACT MELT ABUNDANCES AND PROPOSED EXPLANATION: KIEFFER, Susan W., Department of Geology, Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 245 Natural History Building, MC 102, 1301 West Green St, Urbana, IL 61901,, POPE, Kevin O., Geo Eco Arc Rsch, 16305 St. Mary's Church Road, Aquasco, MD 20608, and AMES, Doreen E., Geol Survey of Canada, 601 Booth Street, Ottawa, ON K1A 0E8, Canada
178-155:15 PM METEORITE IMPACT SHOCK DEFORMATION FABRIC ELEMENTS IN THE TRIASSIC SHINARUMP CONGLOMERATE, NORTHERN ARIZONA: BILODEAU, William L., Dept. of Geology, California Lutheran Univ, 60 W. Olsen Rd. #3700, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360,

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