2002 Denver Annual Meeting (October 27-30, 2002)

Paper No. 14
Presentation Time: 11:25 AM


BRIMHALL, George H., Earth and Planetary Science, Univ of California, Berkeley, 307 McCone Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720-4767 and VANEGAS, Abel, Earth and Planetary Science, Univ of California, Berkeley, Earth Resources Center, Berkeley, 94720-4767, brimhall@socrates.berkeley.edu

We have developed a practical digital mapping and core logging computer program called GeoMapper that supports surface, underground, drill hole and airborne visual and hyperspectral geological mapping. The program runs on PC pen tablet portable computers running Windows 95 or later and comes with a generic set of formations, lithologies, standard geological symbols, mineralization types, and alteration facies. Customization of the formation colors and lithologies in the local geological column is done in a Legend Maker using only point and click input. Integration of geo-spatial information and maps in the field is readily made including topographic base maps and color ortho-photos for location and interpretive purposes. Use of GeoMapper and GeoLogger is intuitive and self-explanatory as the visual user interface is designed around the scientific workflow of mapping and drill core logging using buttons to implement mapping with flexibility in the steps used by mappers. A color-coded array of buttons provides the user with tool bar arrays for formations, lithologies, structures, mineralization and alteration. GPS and laser mapping tools are easily set up on command. Editing buttons make it easy to change mapped features if necessary. Data bases are created that export into a variety of GIS systems for visualization, interpretation and printing. GeoMapper/GeoLogger has been applied in field geology courses at UC Berkeley and in varied industrial settings in the USA, Australia, Africa and South America. If used at the exploration stage an integrated 3-dimensional geological and environmental data base can be created and managed so as to enhance optimal mine development and effective mine closure. GeoMapper/GeoLogger can serve as a useful new tool in data capture of information vital to mining and wise environmental management.