Session No. 26 Tuesday, March 26, 2002

1:00 PM-5:00 PM, Sheraton Springfield: Mahogany
S4. Studies of Depositional Systems and Sedimentary Rocks: In Honor of Edward Scudder Belt
H. Allen Curran and Paul E. Olsen, Presiding
Start Time
1:00 PM Introductory Remarks by H. Allen Curran and Paul E. Olsen: Edward Scudder Belt, Sedimentary Geologist Extraordinaire!
1:05 PM STRATIGRAPHY AND AGE OF THE EARLY JURASSIC PORTLAND FORMATION OF CONNECTICUT AND MASSACHUSETTS: A CONTRIBUTION TO THE TIME SCALE OF THE EARLY JURASSIC: OLSEN, Paul E., Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia Univ, Rt. 9W, Palisades, NY 10964-8000,, KENT, Dennis V., Rutgers Univ, 610 Taylor Rd, Piscataway, NJ 08854-8066, and LETOURNEAU, Peter M., Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia Univ, Palisades, NY 10964
1:20 PM TAILS OF SAURISCHIAN DINOSAURS IN THE EARLY JURASSIC OF THE NEWARK SUPERGROUP (EASTERN NORTH AMERICA): RAINFORTH, Emma C., Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Columbia Univ, LDEO, 61 Rt. 9W, Palisades, NY 10964,
1:35 PM FROM RESTRICTED SEA TO COASTAL FLOODPLAIN: A REVIEW OF OSTRACODE PALEOECOLOGY FROM THE CARBONIFEROUS MARITIMES BASIN, ATLANTIC CANADA: TIBERT, N. E., Department of Geology, Smith College, Northampton, MA 01063, and DEWEY, C. P., Department of Geosciences, Mississippi State Univ, Mississippi State, MS 39762
1:50 PM LATE CRETACEOUS DINOSAUR-BEARING PALEOENVIRONMENTS OF BUGIN-TSAV, SOUTH-CENTRAL GOBI DESERT, MONGOLIA: FASTOVSKY, David E., Department of Geosciences, Univ of Rhode Island, 9 East Alumni Ave, Kingston, RI 02881,, WATABE, M., Paleontology, Hayashibara Museum of Nat Sciences, Shimoishii 1-2-3, Okayama, 700, Japan, BADAMGARAV, D., Institute of Geology, Mongolia Academy of Sciences, Ulan Bataar, Mongolia, and WEISHAMPEL, David B., Cell Biology & Anatomy, The Johns Hopkins Univ School of Medicine, 725 N. Wolfe St, Baltimore, MD 21205
2:05 PM EARLY PALEOCENE LANDSCAPES OF THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN REGION: JOHNSON, Kirk R., Dept of Earth Sciences, Denver Museum of Nature & Sci, 2001 Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80205,
2:20 PM EVIDENCE FOR AN ESTUARY: THE EKALAKA MEMBER OF THE FORT UNION FM, SE MONTANA: DIEMER, John A., Department of Geography and Earth Sciences, Univ of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, NC 28223,, BELT, Edward S., Dept. of Geology, Amherst College, P. O. Box 5000, Amherst, MA 01002, BEUTNER, Edward C., Franklin & Marshall College, PO Box 3003, Lancaster, PA 17604-3003, and VUKE, Susan M., Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, Butte, MT 59701
2:35 PM Break
2:50 PM SUBSTRATES, TRACES, AND ICHNOFABRICS OF A MODERN BAHAMIAN TIDAL FLAT: CURRAN, H. Allen, Department of Geology, Smith College, Northampton, MA 01063,
3:05 PM SEDIMENTATION AND RUNOFF ONTO THE REEF SURROUNDING ROATAN, BAY ISLANDS, HONDURAS: MEHRTENS, Charlotte1, MODLEY, Meg2, and SNYDER, Alysa2, (1) Department of Geology, University of Vermont, Perkins Bldg, UVM, Burlington, VT 05405,, (2) Geology, Univ of Vermont, Perkins Bldg, UVM, Burlington, VT 05405
3:20 PM QUARTZ-PEBBLE CONGLOMERATES: DO THEY FORM DURING DIAGENESIS?: COX, Rónadh1, GUTMANN, Ethan D.2, and HINES, Patricia G.1, (1) Geosciences, Williams College, Williamstown, MA 01267,, (2) CSES/CIRES, Univ of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309
3:35 PM CONGLOMERATES IN AND NEAR THE IDAHO-WYOMING THRUST BELT: PLATT, Lucian B., 306 North Ithan Avenue, Rosemont, PA 19010 and STEPHENS, George C., Earth and Environmental Sciences, George Washington Univ, Washington, DC 20052-0001
3:50 PM LOOKING BACKWARD; 35 YEARS OF BRAIDED RIVERS, ALLUVIAL FANS, GRAY SEDIMENT AND RED ROCKS: BOOTHROYD, Jon C., Department of Geosciences, Univ of Rhode Island, 9 East Alumni Ave, 314 Woodward Hall, Kingston, RI 02881,
4:05 PM AUSTRALASIAN MICROTEKTITES IN THE NORTHERN SOUTH CHINA SEA: YEZDIMER, Kevin M., Geology, Univ of Delaware, 540 Penn Manor Dr, Newark, DE 19711, and GLASS, Billy P., Geloogy, Univ of Delware, 101 Penny Hall, Newark, DE 19716
4:35 PM UPPER FREEPORT ROOF SHALES, APPALACHIAN BASIN: BELT, Edward S., Dept. of Geology, Amherst College, P. O. Box 5000, Amherst, MA 01002,, LYONS, Timothy W., Department of Geological Sciences, Univ of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211, FRIEDRICHS, Carl T., School of Marine Science, Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences, College of William and Mary, Gloucester, 23062-1346, MARTINO, Ron L., Department of Geology, Marshall Univ, Huntington, 25755-9430, and HECKEL, Philip H., Geoscience, The Univ of Iowa, 121 TH, Iowa City, IA 52242-1379
4:50 PM Concluding Remarks

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