2003 Seattle Annual Meeting (November 2–5, 2003)
Session No. 178 Tuesday, November 4, 2003
1:30 PM-5:30 PM, Washington State Convention and Trade Center: 606

T104. “Noah's Flood” and the Late Quaternary Geological and Archaeological History of the Black Sea and Adjacent Basins

Valentina Yanko-Hombach and Jim Teller, Presiding
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178-11:30 PM EVIDENCE FOR A BLACK SEA FLOODING EVENT: RYAN, William B.F., Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia Univ, 61 Route 9W, Palisades, NY 10964, billr@ldeo.columbia.edu, ÇAGATAY, Namik, Geology Department, ITU Maden Fakultesi, 80626 Ayazaga, Istanbul, Turkey, MAJOR, Candace O., Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement, Batiment 12, Domaine du CNRS, av. de la Terrasse, Gif/Yvette, F-91198, France, and LERICOLAIS, Gilles, DRO-Geosciences Marines, IFREMER, Laboratoire Environnements Sedimentaires, B.P. 70, Plouzané, F-29280
178-21:45 PM LATE GLACIAL GREAT FLOOD IN THE BLACK SEA AND CASPIAN SEA: TCHEPALYGA, Andrey, Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Science, 29, Staromonetniy per, Moscow 109017 Russia, tchepalyga@mail.ru.
178-32:00 PM CONFLUENCE OF CLIMATE CHANGE AND CULTURAL COMPLEXITY IN SOUTHERN MESOPOTAMIA: IMPLICATIONS FOR BIBLICAL FLOOD MYTHOLOGY: KENNETT, James P., Department of Geological Sciences and Marine Science Institute, Univ of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9630, kennett@geol.ucsb.edu and KENNETT, Douglas J., Anthropology, Univ of Oregon Eugene, 5219 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 974035219
178-42:15 PM MORPHOTECTONIC DEVELOPMENT OF THE SOUTHERN BLACK SEA REGION AND THE SURROUNDINGS: YILMAZ, Yucel, Faculty of Science, Kadir Has Univ, Cibali Merkez Kampusu Cibali, Ýstanbul 34230-01 Turkey, yyýlmaz@khas.edu.tr.
178-52:30 PM "NOAH'S FLOOD" AND THE LATE QUATERNARY HISTORY OF THE BLACK SEA AND ITS ADJACENT BASINS: A CRITICAL OVERVIEW OF THE FLOOD HYPOTHESES: YANKO-HOMBACH, Valentina, Avalon Institute of Applied Science, Charleswood Technology Center, 3227 Roblin Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R3R0C2 Canada, valyan@avalon-institute.org.
178-62:45 PM Paper Withdrawn
178-73:00 PM EARLY HOLOCENE SEA LEVEL CURVE OF THE COAST OF ISRAEL, EAST MEDITERRANEAN: SIVAN, Dorit, Institute for Maritime Studies, Univ of Haifa, Mount Carmel, Haifa, 31905, Israel, dsivan@research.haifa.ac.il and LAMBECK, Kurt, Research School of Earth Sciences, The Australian National Univ, Mills Road, Canberra, ACT0200, Australia
178-83:15 PM THE CONNECTIONS BETWEEN THE BLACK SEA AND MEDITERRANEAN DURING THE LAST 30 KY: ALGAN, Oya, Institute of Marine Sciences and Mgnt, Vefa, Istanbul 34470 Turkey, algan@istanbul.edu.tr.
178-93:30 PM THE BLACK SEA DURING THE LAST 20.000 YEARS: SEA LEVEL, SALINITY AND CLIMATE: PREISINGER, Anton and ASLANIAN, Selma, Mineralogy, Technical Univ of Vienna, Lerchengasse 23, Vienna, A-1080, Austria, apreisin@mail.zserv.tuwien.ac.at
178-103:45 PM CLIMATIC CHANGES MODIFIED THE QUATERNARY COASTAL LINES IN THE MARMARA REGION, WESTERN PONTICS: WHAT ABOUT ACTIVE TECTONICS?: KORAL, Hayrettin, Department of Geological Engineering, Istanbul University, Avcilar Campus, Avcilar, Istanbul 34850 Turkey, hkoral@istanbul.edu.tr.
178-114:00 PM THE BLACK SEA FLOOD: ARCHAEOLOGICAL & GEOLOGICAL EVIDENCE; A SUMMARY OF THE COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY CONFERENCE: GILBERT, Allan S., Dept of Sociology & Anthropology, Fordham Univ, Bronx, NY 10458, gilbert@fordham.edu.
178-124:15 PM WATER EXCHANGE BETWEEN MEDITERRANEAN AND BLACK SEAS DURING LATE GLACIAL-HOLOCENE: EVIDENCE FROM MARMARA AND BLACK SEAS: ÇAGATAY, M. Namik, Geological Engineering Department, Faculty of Mining and Eurasian Institute of Earth Sciences, Ayazaga, Istanbul, 80626, Turkey, cagatay@itu.edu.tr and GÖRÜR, Naci
178-134:30 PM HOLOCENE BLACK SEA ENVIRONMENTS ACCORDING TO PALYNOLOGY: POPESCU, Speranta-Maria Sr, PaléoEnvironnements et PaléobioSphère, Univ Claude Bernard - Lyon 1, 27-43 boulevard du 11 Novembre, Villeurbanne, 69622 Cedex, popescu@univ-lyon1.fr, HEAD, Martin V, Geography, Univ of Cambridge, Downing Place, Cambridge, C2 3EN, and LERICOLAIS, Gilles Sr, DRO Géosciences Marines, IFREMER, BP 70, Plouzané, 29280
178-144:45 PM WAS THE LAST RAPID SEA CHANGE IN THE BLACK SEA LINKED TO A CATASTROPHIC EVENT RECORDED BY MANKIND ?: LERICOLAIS, Gilles, DRO-Geosciences Marines, IFREMER, Laboratoire Environnements Sedimentaires, B.P. 70, Plouzané, F-29280, Gilles.Lericolais@ifremer.fr, POPESCU, Irina, RCMG, Univ of Gent, Krijgslaan 281 S8, Gent, B-9000, Belgium, PANIN, Nicolas, GEOECOMAR, 23-25 Dimitrie Onciul Str, BP 34-51, Bucurest, RO-70318, Romania, GUICHARD, Francois, LSCE, CNRS-CEA, Domaine du CNRS, Batiment 12, Avenue de la Terrasse BP n°1, Gif-sur-Yvette, F-91198, France, and POPESCU, Speranta, Centre de Paléontologie stratigraphique et Paléoécologie, Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1, 29, boulevard du 11 novembre, Villeurbanne, F-69622, France
178-155:00 PM STABLE AND RADIOGENIC ISOTOPE CONSTRAINTS ON THE DEGLACIAL HISTORY OF THE BLACK AND MARMARA SEAS: MAJOR, Candace O.1, RYAN, William B.F.2, GOLDSTEIN, Steven L.2, LABEYRIE, Laurent1, and ÇAGATAY, Namik3, (1) Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement, Domaine du CNRS, Ave de la Terrasse, Gif-sur-Yvette, 91198, candace.major@lsce.cnrs-gif.fr, (2) Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Rte 9W, Palisades, NY 10968, (3) Geology Department, ITU Maden Fakultesi, 80626 Ayazaga, Istanbul
178-165:15 PM LATE GLACIAL FRESHENING OF THE LEVANTINE BASIN: ISOTOPIC EVIDENCE FROM ISKENDERUN BAY: SPEZZAFERRI, Silvia, Geology and Paleontology, Univ of Fribourg, Ch. Du Musée 6, Pérolles, Fribourg, 1700, silvia.spezzaferri@unifr.ch, YANKO-HOMBACH, Valentina, Avalon Institute of Applied Science, Charleswood Technology Center, 3227 Roblin Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R3R0C2, Canada, and BRUCHEZ, Sebastien, Geology and Paleontology, Univ of Lausanne, BFSH2, Lausanne, CH-1015, Switzerland

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