2005 Salt Lake City Annual Meeting (October 1619, 2005)
Session No. 1 Saturday, 15 October 2005
8:00 AM-12:00 PM, Salt Palace Convention Center: 250 AB

T1. Centennial Celebration Symposia for the Society of Economic Geologists I (Society of Economic Geologists)

John FH. Thompson and Hiroshi Ohmoto, Presiding
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 8:00 AM Introductory Remarks
1-18:05 AM WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?: SKINNER, Brian J., Yale Univ, PO Box 208110, New Haven, CT 06520-8110, brian.skinner@yale.edu
1-28:30 AM DIAMONDS: CRUSTAL DISTRIBUTION AND FORMATION PROCESSES IN TIME AND SPACE, AND AN INTEGRATED DEPOSIT MODEL: GURNEY, John J.1, HELMSTAEDT, H.H.2, LE ROEX, A.P.1, NOWICKI, T.E.3, RICHARDSON, S.H.1, and WESTERLUND, K.J.1, (1) Department of Geological Sciences, University of Cape Town, Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7700, South Africa, john.gurney@minserv.co.za, (2) Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, K74 3N6, Canada, (3) Mineral Services Canada, 205-930 Harbourside Drive, North Vancouver, British Columbia, B.C. V7P 3S7, Canada
1-39:00 AM EPISODIC PRODUCTION OF CONTINENTAL CRUST AND THE TEMPORAL DISTRIBUTION OF MINERAL DEPOSITS: CONDIE, Kent C.1, GROVES, David I.2, GOLDFARB, Richard J.3, HRONSKY, Jonathan M.A.4, and VIELREICHER, Richard M.2, (1) Earth and Environmental Science, New Mexico Tech, Socorro, NM 87801, kcondie@nmt.edu, (2) Centre for Global Metallogeny, University of Western Australia, Crawley, WA6009, Australia, (3) United States Geological Survey, Box 25046, MS 973, Denver, CO 80225, (4) WMC Resources Ltd, 191 Great Eastern Highway, Belmont, WA6104, Australia
1-49:30 AM MANTLE-DERIVED MAGMAS AND MAGMATIC NI-CU-(PGE) DEPOSITS: ARNDT, Nicholas, Laboratoire de Geodynamique des Chaines Alpines, Universite de Grenoble, 1381 rue de la Piscine, Grenoble, 38401, France, arndt@ujf-grenoble.fr, LESHER, C.M., Mineral Exploration Research Centre, Laurentian University, Sudbury, P3E6B5, Canada, and CZAMANSKE, Gerry, 750 West Greenwich Place, California, Palo Alto, 94303
 10:00 AM Break
1-510:30 AM PETROLEUM AND MINERAL RESOURCES: THE ROSETTA STONES OF BASIN FLUID FLOW: CATHLES, Lawrence M. III, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University, 2134 Snee Hall, Ithaca, NY 14883, cathles@geology.cornell.edu and ADAMS, Jennifer J., Geology and Geophysics, University of Calgary, 2500 University Drive, NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1N4, Canada
1-611:00 AM STRATIFORM AND STRATABOUND ZN-PB-AG DEPOSITS IN PROTEROZOIC SEDIMENTARY BASINS, NORTHERN AUSTRALIA: LARGE, Ross R.1, BULL, Stuart W.1, MCGOLDRICK, Peter J.1, WALTERS, Steve1, DERRICK, Geoff M.2, and CARR, Graham R.3, (1) Centre of Excellence in Ore Deposits, University of Tasmania, Private Bag 79, Hobart, Tasmania, 7001, Australia, Ross.Large@utas.edu.au, (2) G.M.Derrick and Associates, PO Box 184, Corinda, Queensland, 4075, Australia, (3) CSIRO Exploration and Mining, PO Box 136, North Ryde, New South Wales, 1670
1-711:30 AM THE SEDIMENT-HOSTED STRATIFORM COPPER ORE SYSTEM: HITZMAN, Murray W., Chair, National Research Council Committ on Induced Seismicity Potential and Dept. Geology & Geological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO 80401, mhitzman@mines.edu and BROUGHTON, David W., Department of Geology and Geological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO 80401

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