2005 Salt Lake City Annual Meeting (October 1619, 2005)
Session No. 6 Sunday, 16 October 2005
8:00 AM-12:00 PM, Salt Palace Convention Center: Ballrooms AC

P4. Speaking Out for Evolution: Rationale and Resources for Supporting the Teaching of Evolution (Paleontological Society; Society of Vertebrate Paleontology)

Judy Scotchmoor and Carol M. Tang, Presiding
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  8:00 AM Introductory Remarks
 6-18:15 AM NOT JUST FOR BIOLOGISTS ANYMORE: THE EVOLUTION CONTROVERSY IMPACTS GEOSCIENCE AND SPACE SCIENCE EDUCATION: TANG, Carol M., Education Division, California Academy of Sciences, 875 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, ctang@calacademy.org
 6-28:30 AM UNDERSTANDING THE NATURE OF SCIENCE: A CRITICAL PART OF THE PUBLIC ACCEPTANCE OF EVOLUTION: MILLER, Keith B., Department of Geology, Kansas State Univ, 108 Thompson Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506-3201, kbmill@ksu.edu
 6-38:45 AM EVOLUTION, ECOLOGY AND EDUCATION: ESTABLISHING THE RELEVANCY OF FOSSIL THREADS IN THE WEB OF LIFE: SAMPSON, Scott D., Utah Museum of Natural History and Dept. of Geology and Geophysics, University of Utah, 1390 East Presidents Circle, Salt Lake City 84112, ssampson@umnh.utah.edu
6-49:00 AM TEACHING ABOUT EVOLUTION AND ITS APPLICATIONS: ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE: BERGSTROM, Carl T., Biology, University of Washington, Box 351800, Seattle, WA 98195-1800, cbergst@u.washington.edu
  9:30 AM Discussion
  9:45 AM Break
6-510:00 AM PROMOTING GOOD SCIENCE: SCOTCHMOOR, Judith G., Museum of Paleontology, University of California, 1101 Valley Life Sciences Building #4780, Berkeley, CA 94720-4780, jscotch@berkeley.edu
6-610:15 AM PUTTING PALEY IN HIS PLACE: HISTORY AS AN ALLY IN THE TEACHING OF EVOLUTION: TERRY, Mark, Science Department, Northwest School, 1415 Summit Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122, epatas@blarg.net
6-710:30 AM MODERN BIBLICAL SCHOLARSHIP AS A RESOURCE FOR TEACHERS OF EVOLUTION: KELLEY, Patricia H., Department of Earth Sciences, Univ of North Carolina at Wilmington, Wilmington, NC 28403, kelleyp@uncw.edu
6-810:45 AM SCOPES I, II, AND III: CREATIONISM CONTINUES: SCOTT, Eugenie C., National Ctr for Sci Education, 420 40th Street, Ste. 2, Oakland, CA 94609-2509, scott@ncseweb.org
  11:15 AM Discussion
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