Northeastern Section - 40th Annual Meeting (March 14–16, 2005)

Paper No. 11
Presentation Time: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM


CRANGANU, Constantin, Geology, Brooklyn College, 2900 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11210,

A GIS-based curriculum does not exist as of today in Brooklyn College (other CUNY colleges, such as Hunter or City College, have already introduced it).  Therefore, in 2003 we proposed, within the Department of Geology, the development of a GIS-based curriculum.  It will consist of an Introductory GIS - GPS (Global Positioning Systems) course and laboratory – which will be opened to all Brooklyn College students willing to start their specialization in GIS and GPS, followed by an Advanced GIS course and laboratory, open to graduate students from Brooklyn College and other CUNY colleges.  A third GIS-based course and laboratory will be Hydrogeology, aimed to the Brooklyn College students majoring in geology and environmental sciences.  In the future years, this curriculum will be further developed by adding more GIS-based courses in areas where this kind of curriculum will benefit most our students (archeology, environmental studies, Computer Information Sciences, Sociology, health and nutritional sciences, etc.).  By introducing this curriculum, we anticipate a significant improvement in overall academic achievement of our students, development of a student-oriented campus, and advancement toward becoming a “model citizen” in the borough of Brooklyn.  We also are confident that the skills learned during GIS courses will greatly enhance our students’ ability to further and contribute to academic life beyond the gates of Brooklyn College and to increase their chances on today very competitive labor market.  Later on, these courses will act as a foundation for a Brooklyn-based center for GIS authorized training programs that will allow us to issue GIS Expert Certifications.