2006 Philadelphia Annual Meeting (22–25 October 2006)
Session No. 51 Sunday, 22 October 2006
1:30 PM-5:30 PM, Pennsylvania Convention Center: Exhibit Hall C

Geomicrobiology (Posters)

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51-131A COMPARISON OF MICROBIAL FOSSILIZATION PROCESSES FROM THREE TERRESTRIAL EVAPORITE SITES: MORRIS, Penny A., Natural Science, Univ of Houston Downtown, 1 Main St, Houston, TX 77002, pmorris@ems.jsc.nasa.gov
51-232BIOAVAILABILITY OF FE(III) IN LOESS SEDIMENTS: BISHOP, Michael E., JAISI, Deb P., and DONG, Hailiang, Department of Geology, Miami University, 114 Shideler Hall, Oxford, OH 45056, bishopme@muohio.edu
51-333BIOGEOCHEMISTRY AND GENOMICS OF EXTREMELY ACIDIC LIMESTONE-CORRODING CAVE WALL BIOFILMS: JONES, Dan S., STOFFER, Tess, LYON, Ezra H., and MACALADY, Jennifer L., Geosciences, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802, jonesd@carleton.edu
51-434BIOGEOCHEMISTRY OF ACID ROCK DRAINAGE IN PEEKABOO GULCH, COLORADO: WEBSTER, Catherine E., Center for Applied Biogeosciences, Department of Geoscience, University of Tulsa, 600 South College Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74104-3189, catherine-webster@utulsa.edu
51-535CULTIVATING AN ENDOLITHIC CYANOBACTERIUM: CHACÓN, Elizabeth1, DAS, Sutapa2, and GARCIA-PICHEL, Ferran2, (1) Geología, Facultad de Ciencias de la Tierra, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Carretera Cerro Prieto, Hacienda de Guadalupe Km 8, Linares, 67700, Mexico, elizachb@fct.uanl.mx, (2) School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University, Main Campus, Tempe, Az 85287-1501, Tempe, AZ 85287
51-636ENHANCED RESPONSE OF AN OLIGONUCLEOTIDE-BASED BIOSENSOR TO ENVIRONMENTAL MERCURY: EDENBORN, Harry M., Geosciences Division, National Energy Technology Lab; U.S. Department of Energy, P.O. Box 10940, Pittsburgh, PA 15236, edenborn@netl.doe.gov
51-737IMPROVEMENT OF CARBON DIOXIDE SWEEP EFFICIENCY USING IN SITU MICROBES TO MODIFY RESERVOIR PERMEABILITY: KIRKLAND, Brenda L.1, LYNCH, F. Leo1, BROWN, Lewis R.2, and SCHMITZ, Darrel1, (1) Department of Geosciences, Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, MS 39762, blk39@msstate.edu, (2) Biological Sciences, Mississippi State, MS 39762
51-838ISOTOPIC AND CHEMICAL INVESTIGATIONS OF FE (III) REDUCTION BY SHEWANELLA PUTREFACIENS STRAIN 200R: GEBREHIWET, Tsigabu and KRISHNAMURTHY, R.V., 1903 West Michigan Ave. 1187 Rood Hall, Kalamazoo, MI 49008, tsigabu@yahoo.co.uk
51-939MEOR CASE STUDIES FROM INDIA'S OIL AND NATURAL GAS CORPORATION, LTD: WOODWARD, Richard E., Terracon Consultants Inc, 11555 Clay Rd, Houston, TX 77043, rewoodward2@terracon.com and SIESS, Charley, Glori Oil, 440 Louisiana St. Suite 900, Houston, TX 77002
51-10Paper Withdrawn
51-1141MODELED IMPACT OF TSUNAMI-INDUCED SEAWATER INUNDATION ON WETLAND MICROBIAL POPULATIONS: CARLEY, Tamara L.1, WOERTZ, Jennifer R.2, and SAKIMOTO, Susan E.H.2, (1) Department of Geology, Whitman College, 345 Boyer AVE, Walla Walla, WA 99362, carleytl@whitman.edu, (2) Department of Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN 46556
51-1242MOTILITY AND MORPHOGENESIS IN A CYANOBACTERIAL BIOFILM: SHEPARD, Rebekah N., Department of Geology, Univ of California, Davis, CA 95616, rnshepard@ucdavis.edu and SUMNER, Dawn Y., Geology, University of California, Davis, One Shields Ave, Davis, CA 95616
51-1343PRELIMINARY ECOLOGICAL INVESTIGATIONS OF E. COLI INTERACTIONS WITH AQUEOUS SUSPENSIONS OF NA-MONTMORILLONITE, ILLITE, AND PALYGORSKITE: STOLL, Danielle1, SAMSONOV, Mikhail1, RAOUFINIA, Nima1, TSELEPIS, Cynthia M.1, LEPP, Jill1, JONAS, Robert2, and KREKELER, Mark P.S.1, (1) Geology Program / Environmental Science and Policy, George Mason University, 4400 University Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030, dkstoll@gmail.com, (2) Department of Environmental Science and Policy, George Mason University, 4400 University Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030
51-1444ROCK SURFACE DIAGENETIC BIOSIGNATURES INDUCED BY FUNGAL-CARBONATE SUBSTRATES INTERACTION AS LIFE INDICATORS: KOLO, Kamal O., Dept. of Geology, Vrije universiteit Brussel, Pleinlaan 2, Brussels, 1050, Belgium, kakolo@vub.ac.be and CLAEYS, Philippe, Department of Geology, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Pleinlaan 2, Brussel, B-1050, Belgium
51-1545TESTING THE AFFINITY OF MONOVALENT CATIONS TO ADSORB TO THE SURFACE OF BACILLUS SUBTILIS: ALESSI, Daniel S. and FEIN, Jeremy B., Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences, University of Notre Dame, 156 Fitzpatrick Hall, Notre Dame, IN 46556, dalessi@nd.edu
51-1646THE MICROBIAL COMMUNITY OF THE ISOLATES FROM THE TALU SANDSTONE IN THE MIAOLI AREA IN TAIWAN: LIU, Jiann-Hong1, JEAN, Jiin-Shuh2, HOR, Lien-I3, and HOU, Sing-Yi2, (1) Department of Earth Sciences, National Cheng Kung University, #1 University Road, Tainan, 70101, Taiwan, itrierl@ms24.url.com.tw, (2) Depatment of Earth Sciences, National Cheng Kung University, #1 University Road, Tainan, 70101, Taiwan, (3) Department of Microbiology and Immunology, National Cheng-Kung University, #1 University Road, Tainan, 70101, Taiwan
51-1747USING GENETIC CHARACTERIZATION OF A GROUNDWATER ARTHROPOD AS A POTENTIAL METHOD TO IDENTIFY CROSS-GRADIENT MIGRATION PATHWAYS IN AQUIFERS: DREYER, Austin P.1, SULLIVAN, Terrence J.1, and PETERSON, Jonathan W.2, (1) Department of Biology, Hope College, 35 E. 12th St, Holland, MI 49423, peterson@hope.edu, (2) Department of Geological & Environmental Sciences, Hope College, P.O. Box 9000, Holland, MI 49422-9000

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