Northeastern Section - 42nd Annual Meeting (12–14 March 2007)

Paper No. 1
Presentation Time: 8:15 AM-12:00 PM


CHOI, Minha, Civil Engineering, University of New Hampshire, Gregg Hall 230, 35 Colovos Rd, Durham, NH 03824 and JACOBS, Jennifer M., Civil Engineering, University of New Hampshire, Gregg Hall 240, 35 Colovos Rd, Durham, NH 03824,

Knowledge of soil moisture dynamics is essential to understand land surface processes at a range of scales. In this study, spatio-temporal dynamics of remotely sensed soil moisture products were characterized using land surface modeling and field data at SMEX03 Little River region, GA. Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer E (AMSR-E) soil moisture was provided at 6 EASE-Grids (25 km by 25 km) in the region. The Common Land Model (CLM) was used to estimate the water balance. Impedance probes were installed at 19 sites to provide long-term continuous measurements at 5, 20, and 30 cm in Little River watershed (334 km2). The analysis considers how well remotely sensed surface soil moisture replicates soil moisture dynamics within reasonable error ranges. These error characteristics are presented in a context to improve predictions of land surface and atmosphere interactions. Additionally, the remotely sensed soil moisture is considered as the antecedent soil moisture conditions (AMC) to improve rainfall-runoff processes.