2008 Joint Meeting of The Geological Society of America, Soil Science Society of America, American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies with the Gulf Coast Section of SEPM

Session No. 137
Sunday, 5 October 2008: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM

T155. Mercury Cycling, Fate, and Bioaccumulation in Coastal Zones: The Next Big Stage for Mercury Research?

GSA Hydrogeology Division


David P. Krabbenhoft and Robert P. Mason, Advocates
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8:00 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:15 AM
Exposure to Methylmercury: Emerging Demographic and Geographic Patterns
MAHAFFEY, Kathryn R., School of Public Health, Department of Environmental Health, Boston University, 715 Albany Street, Talbot Building, Boston, MA 02118, krmahaffey@starpower.net, krmahaffey@starpower.net
8:30 AM
Mercury Exposure in Anglers and Attendees of a Coastal Alabama Fishing Tournament
WARNER, Kimberly A., Oceana, 1350 Connecticut Ave. NW, 5th Floor, Washington, DC 20036, kwarner@oceana.org, kwarner@oceana.org
8:45 AM
Mercury Isotope Evidence for Contrasting Mercury Sources to Coastal Versus Offshore Marine Fish
BLUM, Joel D.1, SENN, David B.2, CHESNEY, Edward J.3 and SHINE, James P.2, (1)Geological Sciences, University of Michigan, 1100 N University Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, (2)Public Health, Harvard University, Boston, MA 02215, (3)Marine Consortium, Louisiana Universities, Chauvin, LA 70344, jdblum@umich.edu, jdblum@umich.edu
9:00 AM
Biogeochemical Controls on MeHg Production in the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Region
HOLLWEG, Terill A.1, GILMOUR, Cynthia C.2 and MASON, Robert P.1, (1)Department of Marine Sciences, University of Connecticut, 1080 Shennecossett Rd, Groton, CT 06340, (2)Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, 647 Contees Wharf Road, Edgewater, MD 21037, terill.hollweg@uconn.edu, terill.hollweg@uconn.edu
9:15 AM
Defining ‘Reactive' Inorganic Mercury and Its Relationship to Microbial Methylmercury Formation in Aquatic Ecosystem Studies
MARVIN-DIPASQUALE, Mark, U.S. Geological Survey, 345 Middlefield Rd, Mailstop 480, Menlo Park, CA 94025, mmarvin@usgs.gov, mmarvin@usgs.gov
9:30 AM
Mercury Dynamics in the Gulf of Mexico: Insights from Biogeochemical Studies
SENN, David B.1, MASON, Robert P.2, LIU, Bian3, SCHAIDER, Laurel A.4, BANK, Michael S.3, RABALAIS, Nancy N.5, HOLLWEG, Terill A.6, SHINE, James P.7 and SWARZENSKI, Peter W.8, (1)Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag), Seestrasse 79, 6047 Kastanienbaum, Switzerland, (2)Dept. of Marine Sciences, University of Connecticut, Groton, CT 06340, (3)Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University, 401 Park Dr, Boston, MA 02115, (4)Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University, 401 Park Dr, Boston, MA 02215, (5)Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium, 8124 Highway 56, Chauvin, LA 70344, (6)Department of Marine Sciences, University of Connecticut, 1080 Shennecossett Rd, Groton, CT 06340, (7)Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University, Boston, MA 02215, (8)U.S. Geological Survey, 400 Natural Bridges Dr, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, robert.mason@uconn.edu, robert.mason@uconn.edu
9:45 AM
10:00 AM
Sediment Methylmercury Concentrations and Production Rates in Contrasting Coastal Wetlands of Chequamegon Bay (WI), Lake Superior
OGOREK, Jacob1, ROLFHUS, K.2, HARO, R.3 and WIENER, J.3, (1)River Studies Center, Departments of Biology and Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, 1725 State St, La Crosse, WI 54601, (2)Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, WI 54601, (3)Department of Biology, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, WI 54601, jmogorek@usgs.gov, jmogorek@usgs.gov
10:15 AM
The Effect of Bioirrigation on Sediment-Water Exchange of Methylmercury in Boston Harbor, Massachusetts, USA
BENOIT, Janina M., Chemistry Department, Wheaton College, Norton, MA 02766, SHULL, David H., Department of Environmental Sciences, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA 98225 and BEAL Jr, Samuel A., Department of Earth Sciences, Dartmouth College, HB 6105 Fairchild Hall, Hanover, NH 03755, jbenoit@wheatonma.edu, jbenoit@wheatonma.edu
10:30 AM
10:45 AM
Wetlands as Sources of Total and Methyl Hg to Coastal Floodplain/Estuarine Systems in South Carolina
GUENTZEL, Jane L., Marine Science, Coastal Carolina University, P.O. Box 261954, Conway, SC 29526-6054, jguentze@coastal.edu, jguentze@coastal.edu
11:00 AM
Mercury Isotopic Composition of Marine Sediments in the Baltic Sea
GEHRKE, G.E. and BLUM, J.D., Geological Sciences, University of Michigan, 2534 C.C.Little Bldg, 1100 North University Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, gegehrke@umich.edu, gegehrke@umich.edu
11:15 AM
Sulfide-Driven Precipitation of Mercury Sulfide Nanoparticles In the Presence of Natural Organic Matter
SLOWEY, Aaron, U. S. Geological Survey, 345 Middlefield Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025, GILBERT, Benjamin, Earth Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA 94720, AIKEN, George, U.S. Geol Survey, Boulder, CO 80303 and RYAN, Joseph, Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309, aslowey@usgs.gov, aslowey@usgs.gov
11:30 AM
Patterns of Atmospheric Elemental and Reactive Gaseous Hg Concentrations in the Central and Eastern United States: Comparison of Inland and Coastal Sites
ENGLE, Mark A., Eastern Energy Resources Team, U.S. Geological Survey, 956 National Center, Reston, VA 20192, TATE, Michael T., Wisconsin Water Science Center, U.S. Geological Survey, Middleton, WI 53562, KRABBENHOFT, David P., U.S. Geological Survey, 8505 Research Way, Middleton, WI 53562, SCHAUER, James J., Environmental Chemistry and Technology Program and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI 53706 and SHANLEY, James B., U.S. Geological Survey, P.O. Box 628, Montpelier, VT 05601, engle@usgs.gov, engle@usgs.gov
11:45 AM
Concluding Remarks
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