2008 Joint Meeting of The Geological Society of America, Soil Science Society of America, American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies with the Gulf Coast Section of SEPM

Session No. 330
Thursday, 9 October 2008: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM

Hydrogeology III - Uranium, Metals, and Other Contaminants in Groundwater


Raymond H. Johnson, L. Rick Arnold and Tanya J. Gallegos, Chairs
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8:00 AM
In-Situ Leach Uranium Mining In the United States- Overview of Production and Remediation Issues
OTTON, James K . and HALL, Susan M., Energy Program, U.S. Geological Survey, MS 939 Box 25046, Denver Federal Center, Lakewood, CO 80225, jkotton@usgs.gov, jkotton@usgs.gov
8:15 AM
Groundwater Quality at In Situ Leach Uranium Mines
DEUTSCH, Bill, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, 1529 West Sequim Bay Road, Sequim, WA 98382, bill.deutsch@pnl.gov, bill.deutsch@pnl.gov
8:30 AM
The Need for Valid Statistical Protocols to Establish Baseline Groundwater Quality at Uranium ISL Sites
ABITZ, Richard J., 3767 Fallentree Ln, Cincinnati, OH 45236-1035, rabitz@cinci.rr.com, rabitz@cinci.rr.com
8:45 AM
X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopic Analysis of U(VI) Uptake by Mackinawite in the Presence of Carbonate
GALLEGOS, Tanya J.1, WEBB, Samuel M.2, BETTERTON, William J.1 and BULLOCK, John1, (1)U.S. Geological Survey, Box 25046, DFC MS 973, Denver, CO 80225-0046, (2)Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, Stanford Linear Accelerator Ctr, Building 137, MS 69, 2575 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025, tgallegos@usgs.gov, tgallegos@usgs.gov
9:00 AM
9:15 AM
An Experimental Investigation of U(IV) Organic Aqueous Complexation with Citric Acid, NTA and EDTA
HAAS, Johnson, Chemistry / Environmental Studies, Western Michigan Univ, Kalamazoo, MI 49008 and BARGER, Michelle L., Geosciences, Western Michigan Univ, Kalamazoo, MI 49008, michelle.l.barger@wmich.edu, michelle.l.barger@wmich.edu
9:30 AM
Groundwater Chemistry of the Grover Uranium In-Situ Recovery Pilot Test Site, Weld County, Colorado
HALL, Susan M., Central Energy Resources Team, United States Geological Survey, PO Box 25046, Denver Federal Center, MS 939, Denver, CO 80225 and JOHNSON, Thomas E., Dept. of Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences, Colorado State University, 1618 Campus Delivery, Fort Collins, CO 80532, susanhall@usgs.gov, susanhall@usgs.gov
9:45 AM
Factoring Uncertainty into Restoration Modeling of In-Situ Leach Uranium Mines
JOHNSON, Raymond H. and FRIEDEL, Michael J., Geologic Discipline, Crustal Imaging and Characterization Team, USGS, Denver Federal Center, PO Box 25046, MS 964, Denver, CO 80225, rhjohnso@usgs.gov, rhjohnso@usgs.gov
10:00 AM
10:15 AM
Scale Dependence of Effective Matrix Diffusion Coefficient: Evidence and Potential Mechanisms
LIU, Hui-Hai, Earth Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA 94720, hhliu@lbl.gov, hhliu@lbl.gov
10:30 AM
10:45 AM
Deep Groundwater Drilling, Central Texas
WILSON, William Feathergail, Strata Geological Services, 13505 FM 462, Bandera, TX 78003, featherg@hctc.net, featherg@hctc.net
11:00 AM
Radiogenic Halogen Isotopes in Cold Places: Deep Seeps or Recent Salt Dissolution?
SNYDER, Glen T.1, HUBBARD, Ashley1, MURAMATSU, Yasuyuki2 and HAILONG, Lu3, (1)Earth Science, Rice University, MS-126, P.O. Box 1892, Houston, TX 77005-1892, (2)Dept. of Chemistry, Gakushiun University, Mejiro, Toshima-ku, 171-8588, Japan, (3)Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences, National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, ON K1A 0R6, Canada, gsnyder@rice.edu, gsnyder@rice.edu
11:15 AM
Red Sea Rifting Controls on Groundwater Reservoir Distribution: Constraints from Geophysical, Isotopic, and Remote Sensing Data
SULTAN, Mohamed1, METWALLY, M. Safei El Den2, YOUSEF, Ahmed Fawzy2, MILEWSKI, Adam1, STURCHIO, Neil3, MAHMOUD, Abdel Mawgoud Mohammed4, BECKER, Richard5 and SAGINTAYEV, Zhanay1, (1)Geosciences, Western Michigan University, 1903 W. Michigan Avenue, 1187 Rood Hall, Kalamazoo, MI 49008, (2)Desert Research Center, 1 Mathaf, El Matariya, Cairo, Egypt, (3)Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL 60607, (4)Geology Department, South Valley University, Qena, Egypt, (5)Environmental Sciences, University of Toledo, 2801 W. Bancroft, Toledo, OH 43606, mohamed.sultan@wmich.edu, mohamed.sultan@wmich.edu