Geological Society of America: Call for Papers

The Geological Society of America
2009 Portland GSA Annual Meeting (18-21 October 2009)
Portland, Oregon, USA
Oregon Convention Center; Boise, ID; Portland International Airport

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For the 2009 GSA Annual Meeting in Portland, a non-refundable submittal fee of $20 for students, or $30 for all others is required for each abstract submitted. When submission is successful, you will be asked for your credit-card information for the appropriate abstract fee. Credit card payment must be made at time of submittal, or your paper will not be considered for the Portland Meeting.

You may present two volunteered abstracts during the Annual Meeting, as long as one of these abstracts is a poster presentation. This limitation does not apply to, nor does it include, invited contributions to keynote symposia or topical sessions. In submitting a second abstract, the author recognizes that a scheduling conflict may result and that the Technical Program Committee will not re-schedule a talk or a poster to resolve such a conflict. The author is responsible for insuring that both presentations are given.

General Information for this Meeting

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