2009 Portland GSA Annual Meeting (18-21 October 2009)

Paper No. 9
Presentation Time: 9:00 AM-6:00 PM


BATESON, Luke and NAPIER, Bruce, British Geological Survey, Kingsley Dunham Centre, Keyworth, Nottingham, NG12 5GG, United Kingdom, brn@bgs.ac.uk

BGS possesses a wealth of spatially-related digital data such as high resolution terrain models, national aerial photography and satellite imagery, geological maps and 3D models. BGS, as a national Geological Survey is under constant fiscal pressure from government and stakeholders to produce mapping output with fewer resources. To this end GeoVisionary visualisation software has been developed allowing for the visualisation and interpretation of large spatial datasets prior to fieldwork.

GeoVisionary is a fully immersive three dimensional stereo visualisation system developed by BGS and Virtalis Ltd. Aerial photography is draped over elevation data from the NEXTMap Britain dataset for the landmass of Great Britain, this can then be quickly and efficiently viewed from any angle in 3D perspective, including viewing the subsurface. Geological models, cross sections and borehole information can be hung under the terrain surface while raster data, such as topographical and geological maps and remotely sensed imagery can be draped over the top. GIS functionality allows layers to be turned on and off, queried and displayed with varying levels of transparency further facilitating data integration.

Mapping teams now have the opportunity to virtually visit their field area before field work commences. They are able to integrate, interpret and interact with all existing data and develop geological ideas as a team in the office, allowing fieldwork to be targeted to answer issues that arise. Tools developed within GeoVisionary allow a dynamic link to ArcGIS allowing the dynamic visualisation of line-work, both in GeoVisionary and in ArcGIS, as it is digitised in either system.

GeoVisionary is capable of loading and rapidly displaying geographic and geological datasets of any size and detail, including CAD models for any location.