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Paper No. 27
Presentation Time: 8:00 AM-6:00 PM


ANDREWS Jr., William, Kentucky Geological Survey, University of Kentucky, 228 Mining & Mineral Resources Bldg, Lexington, KY 40506-0107,

With the support of STATEMAP and other funding sources, the Kentucky Geological Survey (KGS) is actively developing new geological maps, geospatial databases, and related products. New geologic field mapping is focused on delineating and characterizing unconsolidated deposits to help support geohazard assessment and geotechnical applications. Related field efforts include fracture mapping, landslide inventory, neotectonic/paleoseismic and landscape evolution investigations, and geotechnical characterization of both unconsolidated deposits and bedrock units.

The current goal of the KGS mapping program is to develop field-based regionally edge-matched datasets that can be served to a broad audience via the Internet, and are available for visualization or analysis for various jurisdictions with a minimum of compilation needed by the end-user. This regional approach creates challenges of attribution and standardization beyond those encountered in stand-alone quadrangle mapping. Developing true 3D datasets, which delineate lithologic/stratigraphic boundaries and characterize the intervening volumes, require a major paradigm shift away from the traditional 2D geologic mapping approach at the Earth's surface. Another issue is the disparity of GIS expertise and availability of personnel in different agencies and regions of the state. Communicating geologic concepts and information to non-geological, technical users poses challenges of vocabulary and education for both the user and the geological data provider. Addressing all of these challenges requires communication within the geologic mapping team and IT support staff, as well as the aggressive maintenance of personal and interagency relationships to support the production and flow of accurate useful information to the broadest possible audience. KGS is exploring and incorporating national standards into its data systems and data structures, including the FGDC symbology for digital geologic maps, the NCGMP geodatabase framework for data transfer, and the ESRI Geologic Mapping Template.

The current effort is building on a strong legacy of geologic mapping and GIS utilization at KGS; the existing data has had tremendous demonstrated scientific and economic benefit for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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