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Paper No. 9
Presentation Time: 8:00 AM-6:00 PM


BRAME, Roderic I., Center for Innovation, All Saints' Academy, 5001 Florida 540, Winter Haven, FL 33880, HARRO, Carly M., 19415 Pinetree Rd, Odessa, FL 33556 and ENGLEHARDT, Dustin, Science, Academy at the Lakes, 2331 Collier Parkway, Land O Lakes, FL 34639,

We need a program that fosters the mentoring and development of future geoscientist by involving students in active scientific research. Many students are disengaged with high school science because it does not revolve around doing “real” science. The Advanced Scientific Research Program is designed to engage high school students in active research with the potential to contribute towards the advancement of science. Students are required to: 1) conduct scientific research with university professors or professionals; 2) seek and apply for funding to support their research; 3) participate in the Science Fair; 4) present their findings at a professional meeting; and 5) publish the results of their findings. Students visit a variety of research labs at the University of South Florida and several research group websites with the idea of finding something that interested them. Geosciences have been a popular research subject. Several students in the program have conducted research on groundwater and hydrogeologic problems. These students all received funding from the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) for research equipment and supplies. The grant applications are designed and written by the students, though a teacher ultimately had to submit the application. Presentations have been given at the Southeast Regional GSA and the Florida Academy of Sciences. Students won at the local science fair and competed at the regional and state INTEL Science and Engineering Fairs. The Advanced Scientific Research Program is having an impact on Geoscience research and STEM education in a systemic way. As part of their SWFWMD grant students are required to present to other groups of students and evaluate the effectiveness of their presentation. Most of the students in the program have entered college in a STEM field. Research projects have evolved into continuation and modifications of previous studies as scientific knowledge in the program is advanced.
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