Northeastern Section (45th Annual) and Southeastern Section (59th Annual) Joint Meeting (13-16 March 2010)

Paper No. 3
Presentation Time: 8:45 AM


BOSWELL, Maura K., Moffatt & Nichol, 800 World Trade Center, Norfolk, VA 23510, FREEMAN, Christopher, Geodynamics, 152 Hawthorne Drive, Pine Knoll Shores, NC 28512 and WHITE, James D., City of Norfolk, 810 Union Street, 7th Floor, Norfolk, VA 23510,

The City of Norfolk, Virginia collects semi-annual, seamless topo/bathy survey data along the Ocean View shoreline to monitor morphological change as well as the design life of several coastal engineering projects. A fall survey was conducted in late October 2009, three (3) weeks before the November 2009 Nor’easter impacted the region. A post-storm survey was conducted in late November to capture the influence of this historic storm event along the beachface and nearshore regions of Ocean View. In addition to the survey data, an offshore wave gauge located approximately one mile offshore of Central Ocean View, in approximately twenty-one (21) feet of water, collected detailed wave data prior to, during and following the storm event.

Using these data, the impacts of the Nor’easter on the shoreline were accurately assessed. Critically eroded areas were identified to further enhance the knowledge of storm impacts on this region for future mitigation efforts, and the performance of existing engineered offshore structures and nourishment projects in protecting the shoreline are being examined. Initial results of the pre- and post-storm surveys reveal that the subaerial beach berm portion of the profile was lowered four to five feet (NAVD 88) in some sections of the shoreline. While there was a lowering of the profile and significant dune scarping, most upland infrastructure was protected from significant damage due to previous coastal engineering projects completed under the City of Norfolk’s beach management program.