GSA Call for Abstracts
Online Submission deadline:
11:59 PM, Eastern Time, 15 June 2010

Tectonic Crossroads: Evolving Orogens of Eurasia-Africa-Arabia
Ankara, Turkey
Cultural and Convention Centre, Middle East Technical University

In preparing to submit an abstract to this meeting, you should first gather the following information:
I. Determine if your paper would fit under one of the Special Sessions. (Even if it does not, you can still submit for inclusion in the discipline sessions.)
II. Determine under what discipline category your paper best fits. You may select up to three other relevant categories. The list of discipline categories includes:
1. Archaeological Geology
2. Economic Geology
3. Environmental Geoscience
4. Geochemistry
5. Geochemistry, Organic
6. Geochronology
7. Geodynamics
8. Geomicrobiology
9. Geomorphology
10. Geophysics/Tectonophysics/Seismology
11. GPS and Space Geodesy
12. History of Geology
13. Hydrogeology
14. Limnogeology
15. Marine/Coastal Science
16. Mineralogy/Crystallography
17. Neotectonics/Paleoseismology
18. Non-geoscience
19. None of the above
20. Paleoclimatology/Paleoceanography
21. Paleontology, Biogeography/Biostratigraphy Paleontology, Diversity, Extinction, Origination
22. Paleontology, Paleoecology/Taphonomy
23. Paleontology, Phylogenetic/Morphological Patterns
24. Petrology, Experimental
25. Petrology, Igneous
26. Petrology, Metamorphic
27. Precambrian Geology
28. Quaternary Geology
29. Remote Sensing/Geographic Info System
30. Sediments, Carbonates
31. Sediments, Clastic
32. Stratigraphy
33. Structural Geology
34. Tectonics
35. Volcanology
III. Select your preferred mode of presentation: Oral, Poster, or Either (no preference). Please Note: The program organizers will do their best to fit you into your preferred mode. However, they will override your original mode selection if they feel your paper would fit well in a particular session with other compatible abstracts. The decision of the program organizers is final.
IV. Title and Keywords
(1) Pick a title for your paper.
(2) Select up to five keywords.

V. Have available the name and contact information for all of the authors. (Include email addresses, please.)
VI. Write the body of your abstract.
  • Please keep it to 4,500 characters or less, not counting spaces.
  • If you want to include a table, with your abstract, you can. But understand that the table might reduce the number of words allowed in your abstract. Taken together, the words and tables should take up no more space than would be occupied by a simpler abstract of 4,500 characters alone.
  • Check the spelling of the abstract’s body and title using your own word processor.
  • Copy and paste your abstract text directly into the text box for the "copy/paste" option. All your formatting will be preserved.
  • If you're not happy with the way your abstract looks after you've saved the text step, then go back and try editing it in the textbox provided.
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1. Scientific Sessions

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