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For the 2011 GSA Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, a submittal fee of $20 for students, $35 for non-students, or $80 for digital posters is required for each abstract submitted. When submission is successful, you will be asked for your credit-card information for the appropriate abstract fee.

... Credit card payment must be made at time of your abstract submittal, or your abstract will not be considered for the meeting.
... If you want to edit an abstract you have submitted for this meeting, you can reenter your abstract by going to, and entering your abstract ID and password.
... You may present two volunteered abstracts, as long as one of these abstracts is a poster presentation. (does not apply if invited for a topical or keynote session).
... A higher submittal fee for digital posters is required in order to help offset the equipment and internet access needed for these presentations. The digital poster sessions are T95, T110, T149, and T184.
... All presenters, regardless of being invited to submit an abstract or volunteering to submit an abstract, are required to register for the annual meeting. The registration form can be found at:
... International travelers, please apply for you visa early at
... You can find more information for this meeting at
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