2011 GSA Annual Meeting in Minneapolis (912 October 2011)
444 Thursday, 13 October 2011
3:00 PM-6:00 PM, Minneapolis Convention Center: Ballroom A Foyer, 2nd Ave. Entrance

Layered Intrusions of the Duluth Complex **CANCELLED**

Primary Leader: James D. Miller Jr
Leader(s): Ryan N. Dayton
Field Trip Description: This trip will highlight the igneous stratigraphies and internal structures of two well-differentiated mafic layered intrusions associated with the 1.1 Ga Midcontinent Rift in NE Minnesota. The mineralogical, textural, and structural attributes of mafic cumulate rocks will be highlighted across the 4 kilometer-thick Layered Series at Duluth (DLS) and the 1 kilometer-thick Sonju Lake intrusion. The DLS is the type locality intrusion of the Duluth Complex. The Sonju Lake Intrusion of the Beaver Bay Complex has an igneous stratigraphy that closely resembles that of the classic Skaergaard Intrusion.
Field Trip will span: 2 days
Sponsor(s): GSA MGPV Division

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