2011 GSA Annual Meeting in Minneapolis (912 October 2011)
432 Wednesday, 12 October 2011
4:30 PM-8:30 PM, Minneapolis Convention Center: Ballroom A Foyer, 2nd Ave. Entrance

Stratigraphy, Physical Volcanology, Hydrothermal Alteration and Mineralization Associated with the Neoarchean Vermilion Greenstone Belt, NE Minnesota **CANCELLED**

Primary Leader: George J. Hudak III
Leader(s): John Heine
Field Trip Description: The Neoarchean Vermilion Greenstone Belt of northeastern Minnesota represents the southwestern part of the Abitibi-Wawa Terrane of the Superior Province of the Canadian Shield. The steeply dipping meta-intrusive, metavolcanic, and meta-sedimentary rocks in this area comprise an extremely well-preserved cross-section of the Neoarchean crust that is several kilometers thick. This field trip will investigate the stratigraphy, physical volcanology, hydrothermal alteration, and mineralization in the Vermilion Greenstone Belt, including detailed evaluations of synvolcanic and post-volcanic intrusive rocks, well-preserved mafic to felsic volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks, syn- and post-volcanic geological structures, syn- and post-volcanic hydrothermal alteration mineral assemblages, and various types of mineral deposits including Algoma-type banded iron formations, volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits, and shear zone associated mesothermal gold deposits.
Field Trip will span: 3 days
Sponsor(s): Precambrian Research Center at the Natural Resources Research Institute, University of Minnesota Duluth

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