• Harvey Thorleifson, Chair
    Minnesota Geological Survey
  • Carrie Jennings, Vice Chair
    Minnesota Geological Survey
  • David Bush, Technical Program Chair
    University of West Georgia
  • Jim Miller, Field Trip Chair
    University of Minnesota Duluth
  • Curtis M. Hudak, Sponsorship Chair
    Foth Infrastructure & Environment, LLC


Paper No. 10
Presentation Time: 4:20 PM


FAUNDEEN, John, Department of the Interior, USGS-EROS, 47914 252nd Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57198,

Best practices and future directions for preserving science records is the focus of this talk. A key topic will be environmental tracking of temperature and relative humidity in storage areas using low-cost data loggers. Temperature and relative humidity are the two most common factors to address in preservation areas. The use of formal appraisal procedures can free up scarce resources. Five years of appraisal efforts are revealed. Data rescue initiatives, one national and one international, will be explored. Distinction will be put on the importance of maintaining multiple copies of vital records and the value of storing copies off-site. An existing partnership agreement with the National Archives and Records Administration will illustrate a working off-site model. Data migration and archive media studies will be discussed. Data lifecycle models will be explored as foundational elements in a good records management plan.
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