Paper No. 8
Presentation Time: 3:00 PM


WALLSTROM, Erica, Rutland High School, 22 Stratton Rd, Rutland, VT 05701,

Geoscience encompasses a wide range of topics, but ultimately pursues the truths of our natural world through the methodical investigation, experimentation, and observation of the outdoors. Unfortunately, prior to taking science courses in college, few high school students will have meaningful opportunities to participate in field or research experiences outside of the classroom. This session shifts this traditional dynamic by building upon a new course currently offered at Rutland High School. In the course, high school science teachers collaborate with local universities, businesses, and government agencies to study the temporal changes of geologic features in the Rutland region (including the Catskill, Taconic, and Green Mountain Ranges). Building upon the specific instructional models and creative approaches to geoscience investigations in the field that were developed in this course, session participants will learn how independent research, student-driven investigation, local field trips, and field based practices improve student understanding of general science and earth science standards, and increase student interest and engagement in the geosciences. Participants will also learn how they can design and implement this type of program in their schools, where and how they can access helpful resources, and strategies for funding.