Paper No. 6
Presentation Time: 10:15 AM


WILD, Emily C. and VAN CLEAVE, Keith, U.S. Geological Survey, Library, Box 25046, MS 914, Denver Federal Center, Denver, CO 80225,

Library materials are more available as digital products in publication and geospatial databases; however, finding print, CD-ROM, online subscriptions, and open-access library materials are more challenging for library users. Published content is often indexed and available as full-text content to library users; howbeit, there are many databases to navigate and many journals, conference proceedings, government reports, and other materials that are only partially available as full-text content or not available in a digital format. Additionally, database interfaces and access to subscription databases can change from year to year.

In the past five years, uranium research inquiries have increased at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Denver Library. The uranium publications that library users are looking to obtain include, but not limited to, the program products from the USGS and the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC); for example, the National Uranium Resource Evaluation (NURE) program. Additionally, librarians assist users with the digital access to uranium ore, sediment, and water data and geospatial sources available from the USGS. This poster session will provide information librarians disseminate about the physical and digital access to uranium research materials in the USGS Denver Library for the United States and other countries.

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