Paper No. 14
Presentation Time: 4:15 PM


SCHLEMBACH, Mary C., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 170 Noyes Lab, Urbana, IL 61801,

The Geology Library at the University of Illinois was closed in 2010 and the collection was merged into the Grainger Engineering Library. In order to provide more online assistance to geoscience resources, Grainger librarians developed a new search tool. Known as a GRoup Information Productivity Tool (GRIPT), the web based tool has a suite of customized e-scholarship and research tools designed to expedite information retrieval for geology faculty and students. (

The GRIPT is a database-driven custom web site that is generated from information entered in an MS Access relational database. The Geology GRIPT includes:

  1. A link to the Department web site;
  2. A list of departmental faculty with links to their publications in the Scopus database and an author informational page with bibliometric information such as their H-Index. The loading database of author names is based on Scopus author IDs;
  3. A list of key journals in the field or discipline with links to the Library’s A to Z e-journal list and link resolver for easy access to the e-journal. A search box to the A to Z list is also included;
  4. A full-text article locator form for retrieving the full-text of specific articles. This form retrieves the DOI and then redirects the user to the publisher presentation page for the full-text;
  5. Pre-constructed searches on researchers’ keywords and topics across Illinois’ federated search and recommender system. These searches can be easily changed or modified in the supporting database entries. There is also a single-entry search box to allow a user to perform their own search;
  6. Up to four Google News searches performed dynamically at page loading from entries stored in the database;
  7. A citing references search in which a user can retrieve articles/conference papers that cite a specific user-entered article (using journal name, author last name, volume, starting page, and year) from the Scopus database.

Other capabilities are being built into GRIPTS, including assistance with grant-funding agencies Data Management Plan (DMP) requirements, the capability of uploading EndNote files and inserting article DOIs, other administrative data and information, and other custom database search capabilities.