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JOVIC, Sebastián M., GUIDO, Diego M., PAEZ, Gerardo N. and RUIZ, Remigio, Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas, Instituto de Recursos Minerales. Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Museo. Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Paseo del Bosque s/n, La Plata, B1900FWA, Argentina,

The Pingüino deposit is located within the Deseado Massif, Santa Cruz, southern Argentina, along strike from the world-class Cerro Vanguardia gold-silver deposit. The Pingüino project hosts a large (100-kilometre strike length) silver-gold (younger) and polymetallic (older) vein field. The district is composed of more than 70 different veins, 16 of which show high-grade ore-shoots and in 8 of them were defined 23.6 million ounces Ag eq. @ 132.4 g/t Ag eq. as indicated mineral resource estimate ( The Pingüino veins can be grouped into three major vein trends according to their general orientation and location. First, the main NNW-SSE trending veins are referred as the Tranquilo vein trend (Tt), the NW-SE orientation veins represent the Marta vein trend (Mt) while Kasia vein trend (Kt) represents all the ENE-WSW trending veins.

At vein system and vein scale, ore-shoots at Pingüino are related to different structural features in the different veins trends. The Tranquilo represent the most important trend in the vein system. It is characterized by extensional veins with first order ore-shoots developed continue shapes with hundreds of metres length and up to 400 m of vertical extension with high to intermediate grades. The veins are associated genetically and spatially with the dioritic intrusions and are located in the central and south area. Second order ore-shoots are related with minor structural features as dilatational jogs, splays junctions, steps-over mainly in the Tranquilo vein trend but also with Marta vein trend. These ore-shoots are smaller (< hundred of meters) and discontinuous but are high to very high grade. Veins at Marta vein trend are composed of quartz structures and developed dilatational jogs and horse tail termination and step-over related with extensional-dextral deformation. Kasia trend veins are located in strike-slip to compressional syn-mineralization faults affected by local deformation related with the intrusions emplacement. Kasia vein trend ore-shoots are discontinuous but with intermediate to very high grade, located in dilatational jogs or step-overs features near the intersection with Tranquilo veins trend and spatially related with the roof of the intrusions.


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