Paper No. 15
Presentation Time: 11:40 AM


CARROLL, Michael, Hunt Oil Company, 1900 North Akard Street, Dallas, TX 75201,

Earth Science and the Technology associated with it enhances our lives, however it sometimes flows undetected through the arterially connected structure that has become our society. Considering the high degree of impact of Earth Science on society and how certain of our related industries affects each of us, it is imperative that we strengthen public perception and the flow of youthful talent into the Geoscience pipeline. The National Association of Black Geoscientists is an organization of Industry, Government, and Academic Professionals, and Student Members that was established in June of 1981 by a group of scientists in the Houston, Dallas, and Denver areas. The NABG strives to increase the number of scientists by informing students of career opportunities in Earth Science and of scholarship programs that are established for underrepresented individuals. The organization and its membership give financial support to students pursuing degrees in Geoscience, and aids corporate partners in locating employees for permanent and intern positions. The main focus as an organization is directed towards student location, involvement, and retention.

The Annual Conference held by the organization is one of the key building blocks for being successful in stimulating and maintaining the interest of aspiring Geoscientists. Each year this event brings together a unique blend of students and professionals who share their research and common Geoscience interests. An undergraduate may initially be involved in a poster presentation, evolve as a graduate student to an oral presentation, and eventually to an active organization member over time. The object going forward is to strike an organizational simplistic model balance between accuracy and complexity. The NABG is fortunate to have found a niche that allows it to focus on the development of and interaction with Geoscience graduate and undergraduate students and that allows the membership to be in a position to mentor and maintain connectivity with young scientist throughout their careers. The decision to rotate this conference and other annual activities through designated regions and implement a hub and spoke approach in each region will allow for added connectivity in the future.