Paper No. 8
Presentation Time: 9:00 AM-6:30 PM


ZEPHIER, Willis and BROKEN LEG, Brian, Math and Science, Oglala Lakota College, 490 Piya Wiconi Rd, Kyle, SD 57752,

The project we have been working for the summer of 2013 is a 100- year Flood Plain in collaboration with Thunder Valley Corporation. The project site is located on the Pine Ridge Reservation about ½ mile north of Sharps corner. The Thunder Valley community is collaborating with OLC to assist in there sustainable housing project. Our part of the project is to survey the area for a 100 year Flood-plain. A 100-year Flood Plain is a 1-100 percent chance of whether a flood may occur in an annual year. We used the Sando equation D to calculate the Peak Flow for a 100-year Flood. We will also be incorporating Geographical Information Systems to create a 3D model of the project site. Another part of this project is to figure out whether the culvert, which is located under the road, is sufficient enough to sustain such a flood event. We will use orifice equations and the manning equation for the culverts to determine how much rainfall the culvert could manage before flooding occurs. Using GIS (geographical information systems) and a total station to survey and collect data points of the channel near the Thunder Valley community center. The data points collected using the total station will be imported into ArcGIS, which we will use to calculate slope and create contours of the channel