Paper No. 6
Presentation Time: 9:20 AM


TRABANT, Chad1, BAHAVAR, Manoch2, HUTKO, Alexander2, AHERN, Tim1 and KARSTENS, Richard2, (1)IRIS DMC, 1408 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105, (2)IRIS, IRIS DMC, 1408 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105,

The IRIS Data Management Center (DMC) is primarily a seismological data center serving the US and international research communities with an archive of more than 30 years of passive seismic data. In 2009 the DMC started an effort to create, collect and manage broadly useful, data derived products. One of the goals of this effort is to make seismological data and derivative products more readily available to a broader audience. The DMC's Earth Model Collaboration (EMC) is a repository for geophysical Earth models. The EMC offers web interfaces for generating plots of the models based on user input including map view slices, cross-sections and more. The Earth models are freely available for download in their original format or in a common NetCDF format. Most of the models currently in the repository are seismic tomography models represented by velocity perturbations or absolute velocities. Also included is an electric­­­al conductivity model with additional models expected in the future. These models could be used to compare with results of large-scale structural studies among other things. Other products that might be of interest to the geological community include a multi-decade catalog of medium to large earthquake moment tensors (and related focal mechanisms) and other easily accessible earthquake location catalogs and online visualization tools. The IRIS DMC is interested in expanding these products to be more useful to the broader geoscience community. We welcome input as well as suggestions for new types of non-seismological data that can be integrated into the EMC.