Paper No. 8
Presentation Time: 3:15 PM


HOERNER, Lynnette, Science, Red Rocks Community College, 13300 W. Sixth Ave, Littleton, CO 80228,

Natural Hazards courses are popular with non-science majors because of their media appeal, but widespread misconceptions regarding natural hazards persist among both students and the general public. Further, anthropogenic contributions to natural disasters are poorly understood. Activities developed for a new community college course for non-science majors seek to address both of these issues. Through an inquiry-based approach, students are encouraged to confront their own misconceptions. In addition, the activities are designed to develop an understanding of the critical connections between anthropogenic modifications of the environment and the growing threat of natural disasters. The course uses a variety of teaching methods, including labs, research projects, student presentations, and case studies of both past natural disasters and current high-risk situations. The activities appeal to a broad range of learning styles and enhance student skills in research, writing, presentation and the use of simple lab equipment. Copies of the activities will be available.