2013 Conference of the International Medical Geology Association (25–29 August 2013)

Paper No. 1
Presentation Time: 12:00 PM


DAVENHALL, William, Health and Human Service Solutions Group, Esri, 380 New York Street, Redlands, CA 92373-8100, bdavenhall@esri.com

The emerging new field of geomedicine – where public health and personal health merge inside the physician’s office. The use of geographical information systems (GIS) in combination with electronic health records is advocated as a way to bring clinically relevant data into closer and sharper personal context. The presentation will demonstrate why public health researchers and medical practitioners need to more fully leverage “big” data and even “bigger” location analytics so that health seeking consumers and their physicians can begin to engage in a more informed partnership to improve personal health. Bill will also discuss the new role of “citizen Epi” and the growing interest by people with a cell phone in participating in their own healthcare.