2014 GSA Annual Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia (19–22 October 2014)

Paper No. 7-4
Presentation Time: 8:50 AM


YELK, Anton Makoke, 619 Michaelson St. N, Hudson, WI 54016

Kelly Warm Springs, one of the few thermal features located in Grand Tetons National Park, has long been home to aquarium fish and other non-native aquatic species that have been dumped there by visitors to the park. The non-native species have thrived in the springs and in the attached waterway. These non-native species have been found less than a half mile from the Snake River, posing a threat to its health. Following the mission of the National Park Service to protect and preserve the resources for the enjoyment of future generations, the Park Service formed a four year project to monitor, inventory, and educate the public in hopes of repairing this thermal feature to a natural state. Preparing for the project has consisted of establishing monitoring sites, collecting data, and posting signs, as well as forming and conducting both interpretation and Citizen Science programs. This project has been initiated and ready to move forward with identifying the extent of the human induced damage to the Kelly Warm Springs and the connecting waterway, allowing for the hopeful recovery of the thermal feature in Grand Tetons National Park.