2014 GSA Annual Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia (19–22 October 2014)

Session No. 172
Monday, 20 October 2014: 2:00 PM-3:35 PM
Ballroom B (Vancouver Convention Centre-West)

GSA Gold Medal Lectures


Harry McSween, Chair
Paper #
Start Time
2:00 PM
Welcome and Introduction: Hap McSween
2:05 PM
Donath Medal citation (Paul F. Hoffman)
2:10 PM
Donath Medal: The Tectonic Context of Neoproterozoic and Early Paleozoic Environmental Change. Francis A. Macdonald
2:30 PM
2:35 PM
Day Medal citation (Dennis Kent)
2:40 PM
Day Medal: Hunting the Magnetic Field. Lisa Tauxe
3:00 PM
3:05 PM
Penrose Medal citation (Steve Marshak)
3:10 PM
Penrose Medal: Researching the Earth: Living it, Loving it, and Sharing it. Susan W. Kieffer
3:30 PM
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