Rocky Mountain (66th Annual) and Cordilleran (110th Annual) Joint Meeting (19–21 May 2014)

Paper No. 6
Presentation Time: 2:45 PM


BUDDINGTON, Andrew M., Science Department, Spokane Community College, 1810 N. Greene St. MS2070, Spokane, WA 99217-5399,

Two undergraduate research projects at Spokane Community College incorporate basic field mapping and analysis with community-based service objectives. Components of each project involve small group mapping of local community “parks”, the analysis of the field data, and creation of a site map. The final portion of the project involves the writing of research reports. The end product map and report are then submitted to the local community representatives with the goal of public earth science education for future park visitors.

A primary end-product goal in each project was to develop a simple geologic map that could be incorporated into an on-site information display kiosk along with a self-guided tour of the park’s geology and natural history. Students involved not only gain early (freshman-sophomore) field skills, but they take ownership in a valuable and practical public education experience. Students work with public officials during each stage of the project while getting involved in their local community. This concept could easily be multidisciplinary with the involvement of a biology component for the site.

Other potential service learning related activities for student researchers could include presenting the project results to community representatives and leading field tours for the officials and the public. From this, students gain valuable communication experience and provide an important opportunity for local officials to experience the natural history values of these community parks.

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