2015 GSA Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, USA (1-4 November 2015)

Paper No. 113-10
Presentation Time: 9:00 AM-6:30 PM


CRABTREE, Brandon, Geosciences, Mississippi State University, 75 B.S. Hood Road, Mississippi State University, MS 39762, bmc369@msstate.edu

Oktibbeha County depends on the Gordo Formation for its source of fresh water. The area’s water supply has never been exclusively analyzed for its ground water and surface water resources exclusively for Oktibbeha County. The area’s last extensive study was done in 1965 and included the surrounding counties with no focus on the county. This project studied the aquifer system within the county and given alternative sources of water. Wells and surface water features have been analyzed for usability by the county. A ground water flow model was created to reflect the ground water movement and projected pumping rates. Potentiometric surface maps have also been updated in the area to reflect current ground water levels and were compared to prior potentiometric surface maps.