GSA Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado, USA - 2016

Paper No. 10-10
Presentation Time: 10:30 AM


MCAULIFFE, Carla, Center for STEM Teaching and Learning, TERC/NESTA, 2067 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140,

Several science education researchers have led assessment efforts that provide strategies particularly useful for evaluating the three-dimensional learning that is central to NGSS (DeBarger, A. H., Penuel, W. R., Harris, C. J., Kennedy, C. K., 2016; Knight, A. M. & McNeill, K. L., 2015; McNeill, K. L., Katsh-Singer, R. & Pelletier, P., 2015; McNeill K.L.,, 2015; McNeill, K.L., & Krajcik, J.S., 2011; Penuel, W., 2016). One of the basic premises of these researchers is that, “Assessment is a practice of argument from evidence based on what students say, do, and write” and that “the classroom is the richest place to gather evidence of what students know (Penuel, W., 2016). The implementation of the NGSS in Earth System Science provides a unique opportunity for geoscience education researchers to study student learning and contribute to the development of this research as well as for geoscience educators to apply these approaches and strategies in their own work with K-12 inservice and preservice educators.

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