North-Central Section - 50th Annual Meeting - 2016

Paper No. 25-1
Presentation Time: 8:00 AM


ENBERG, Utami W., Math & Science, Muskegon Community College, 221 Quarterline Road, Muskegon, MI 49442,



Geoscience careers are dominated by men in every field. Based on my observation and experience as a woman geoscientist, women in Geoscience undergo internal and external struggles to get better opportunity and higher pay as compared to the male geoscientist. 

The struggles come from both internal and external factors. The external factor comes from when sometimes the company will not let women join in certain field work because it was considered too dangerous for women in certain countries. As a matter of fact, women geoscientists are paid lower than men with the same type of work in some consulting companies. The question is whether women geoscientists do not negotiate to get the better pay or the company believes that women geoscientists are worth less than men.

We as women geoscientists need to focus on what good skills we have and continue improving those skills to compete in this fast moving world. Confidence is nurtured by deeper learning and hard work to achieve an expertise level that enables us to achieve the highest opportunity in our field. How can women geoscientists help each other to reach higher opportunity and success in the future?

The important part is how can we help young women geoscientists to be more confident, have better opportunities, and receive better pay.