South-Central Section - 51st Annual Meeting - 2017

Paper No. 28-3
Presentation Time: 2:15 PM


BUSBEY III, Arthur B., School of Geology, Energy, & the Environment, Texas Christian University, TCU Box 298830, Fort Worth, TX 76129,

The Apple iPad is a serious tool for gathering and organizing geological data in the field. A variety of relatively inexpensive mapping/GIS applications are available as are some stand alone tools for recording notes, structural data, and images in the field. There are also tools for rectifying maps and translating them into formats readable by various mobile mapping applications and platforms. Many apps allow caching of quite large maps on the iPad for out-of-cellular conditions in the field.

In this presentation I will briefly compare and evaluate several field-based geological tools and discuss efficient workflows for managing maps, images, notes, images and measured geological feature attitude information. I will also discuss some of the technical limitations of using iPads in the field and best practices for extending battery life, ensuring accurate information gathering, and decreasing the chances of data loss.

  • GSA 2017 Presentation.pdf (14.6 MB)