Southeastern Section - 67th Annual Meeting - 2018

Paper No. 18-1
Presentation Time: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM


SHARPE, Dalton, GROCE-WRIGHT, Nigel and JOVANELLY, Tamie, Geology, Berry College, 2277 Martha Berry Hwy, Mount Berry, GA 30149

Topo-Stratigraphic Mapping of Devonian through Lower-Middle Mississippian Formations of Taylor Ridge (Gore, GA)

The purpose of this study was to update the geologic maps of Taylor Ridge (34º22’30’’N, 85º15’00’’W) regarding the different formations of rock. The geologic map that was used (Cressler, 1961) included the geology of Chattooga County. Although much of the area was ground surveyed for the Cressler map, the data included for Taylor Ridge was speculative. The physical ground mapping was conducted during Summer 2017. The equipment used during this mapping project was a phone application called Terrain Navigator Pro. This application allowed us to use topographic maps to delineate conformable units of the Red Mountain sandstone (434-444 my), Armuchee Chert (383-393 my), and Fort-Payne Chert (348-359 my). From this study we concluded that the Armuchee Chert is both stratigraphically present and has a unit thickness of ~0.3 m at 34º26’41.1167”N, 85º17’52.9753”W. Whereby the existing geologic map (Cressler, 1961) only identified the Red Mountain Sandstone and Fort Payne Chert formations on Taylor Ridge. This update is important particularly for suggesting inaccuracies in current geologic surveys and the need for continued comprehensive mapping in the state of Georgia. With improved methods of mapping the present stratigraphy can be more accurately represented. This data will be used to aid in the identification of a limestone formation contacting the basal unit of the Fort-Payne Chert. In addition to identifying missing formations in the geologic maps of the region, improved accuracy will allow local and regional officials to make informed decisions regarding fossil fuel exploration, mineral rights, and issuance of building permits.