GSA Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, USA - 2019

Paper No. 98-5
Presentation Time: 9:15 AM


VOORHEES, David H., Earth Science / Geology Department, Waubonsee Community College, Rt 47 @ Waubonsee Dr, Sugar Grove, IL 60554

The workshop “The Role of Two-Year Colleges in Geoscience Education and in Broadening Participation in the Geosciences: A Planning Workshop” at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), Annandale Campus, on 24 to 27 June 2010 was a pivotal moment for Geosciences at Two-Year Colleges (2YC’s). This workshop was funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), and was led by 4 PI’s who brought together a total of 36 participants; 26 2YC instructors, 3 4YC/U instructors, and 4 representatives from geologic agencies and funding organizations. There were six major goals leading to many pivotal discussions and 6 writing teams. Some of these discussions and writings were about promising practices for building a national 2YC geoscience community and developing a web portal.

Following the workshop, the Geo2YC Organizational Committee was formed to research the structure of existing sister organizations in STEM disciplines (Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering) and to develop the structure of an organization appropriate to the geosciences. This Committee of 13 2YC geoscience instructors across the country ‘met’ 13 times over 10 months, and was able to develop a mission statement, a proposal to the National Association of Geoscience Teachers to form the first Division of the Association, a set of bylaws, and an official logo. In addition, promotional activities were also developed, including the printing of stickers, articles in EOS and In The Trenches, and organizing a presence at National and Regional Geological Society of America meetings.

Since it’s official formation on 23 July 2011, Geo2YC has grown from 144 members to over 300 in 43 states in 2018. Since the formation of Geo2YC, the first Division of NAGT, geoscience education at 2YC’s has been involved in many aspects of the geoscience community. This includes (continued) significant representation in, and recognition by, the NSF, as well as the GSA, AGU, ASLO, and the unequalled success of the SAGE (Supporting and Advancing Geoscience Education)2YC program. Geo2YC has grown into an effective and proactive organization for 2YC geoscience educators across the country, and is planning to continue this growth and to continue to educate, and to advocate to, the broad geoscience community about the role of 2YC’s in geoscience education.