Northeastern Section - 54th Annual Meeting - 2019

Paper No. 13-10
Presentation Time: 4:30 PM


DINEEN, Robert J., N/a, P. O. Box 197, 42 Mill Road, Geigertown, PA 19523

Sediments of Glacial Lake Warrensburg occupy portions of the upper Hudson and Schroon river valleys. The lake extended from the Randalls Corners recessional moraine near South Corinth, NY, to the South Horicon recessional moraine near Riverbank, NY. Lake Warrensburg did not extend north of Riverbank. Terraces south of Riverbank are underlain by glacial lake deposits, while terraces north of Riverbank are underlain by fluvial deposits. The Adirondack glacier retreated from South Corinth to Euba Mills with few, if any readvances. Several still stands in glacial retreat were noted, however, particularly at Randalls Corners, Hidden Valley, South Horicon, Schroon Lake Village, and Euba Mills.

The outlet of Lake Corinth-Warrensburg was a 650 to 670 ft (198 to 204 m) sill through the Randalls Corners moraine at South Corinth. The water levels of the lake were controlled by the outlet. The highest terrace or water plane ranges from 660 ft (200 m) at Corinth to 720 ft (219 m} at Lake Luzerne, and to 820 ft (250 m) at Warrensburg, grading into recessional moraines between Riverbank and South Horicon. This terrace tends to be pitted outwash and was deposited during the “Luzerne Readvance.” The next lowest terrace ranges from 660 ft (200 m) at Corinth to 860 ft (262 m) at Schroon Lake Village. It contains abundant borrow pits in fluvial deposits from Schroon Lake Village to South Horicon. The lowest or fluvial terrace ranges from 650 ft (198 m) at Corinth to 1100 ft (335 m) at Euba Mills. It was deposited during a glacial lake outburst through the Chapel Pond outlet. Imbricated boulders 3 to 10 ft (1 to 3 m) in diameter occupy the outlet and were deposited during that outburst.