GSA Connects 2021 in Portland, Oregon

Paper No. 150-4
Presentation Time: 9:00 AM-1:00 PM


MARTINEZ-SACRISTAN, Hernando, 2918 Letourneau Dr, Longview, TX 75602-5410

During 1990-2000, UNESCO development of the so-called Decade of Disaster Prevention. Innumerable Geologists participated in natural hazards, making clear the necessity to study and control mainly the Lithosphere and Hydrosphere of Earth Planet. However, the participation in geosocial & geobiological risks, as well in relation to the geosphere called atmosphere, was lower.

The methodology consisted in to analyze health data comparing with type of rocks in some areas.

The hypothesis is causal; a low interest, low preparation. For instance, the lack of preparation not allowed us to observe and analyze special cases, such as the Coronavirus Covid-19 and new potential virus-hazards.

Results are simple, geologists around the world were slow to associate rocks, atmosphere and Covid-19. Also, slowness recognizes the ability of a certain type of rock to create an atmosphere, neutralizing Covid-19. Colombia and American geologists not were prepared in 2020 to analyze Geology/Covid 19.

Essentially recommendation is to geological schools, colleges or universities, which would motivate students to learn about a geosocial & geobiological potential concerns from rocks, soil, air, water, glaciers caused by natural or unusual phenomena.

As secondary recommendations, now we need to strengthen scientific research ¨geology-Covid-19 and potential new viruses with the objective of creating protection. The author is looking for a grant to prepare and recommend for implementation a specific Public Policy in favor of the USA citizens protecting their lives. The author has expertise in protection because received an Honor Mention at the national level for his work as coordinator in the Local Emergency Committee of the Mayor of Teusaquillo de Bogotá, arranged by the Colombian Civil Defense in 1999 and has been working more about these topics and showing several researches at the Geological Society of America-GSA through the Geology-Health and Hydrogeology-Health Map: Far from rhetoric closer to reality with a methodology presented in GSA in the annual meetings of 2018- 2020. Currently, he has Copyright 2020 from USPTO and also Colombian government

In conclusion, it is necessary to wait for the total reestablishment of the activities of the societies post pandemic in order to carry out new laboratory tests. For example, the author used the rocks analyzed in XR Fluorescence.