XVI INQUA Congress
Session No. 6 Thursday, July 24, 2003
1:30 PM-4:30 PM, Reno Hilton Resort and Conference Center: Pavilion

T3. Quaternary Economic Deposits and Landscape Evolution in the Late Cenozoic (Posters)

Alejandra Duk-Rodkin and Natalya Patyk-Kara, Presiding
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6-1108GEOLOGICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF ADEQUATE INDUSTRIAL STONE RESOURCES OF SOUTH KOREA: KIM, Ju Yong and YANG, Dong Yoon, Quaternary Research Team, Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Rscs, 30 Kajung-dong Yusung-gu, Taejon, 305-350, Korea, kjy@rock25t.kigam.re.kr
6-2109QUARRIED CALCRETE CAPPINGS: A WIDESPREAD LEGACY OF LATE CENOZOIC CLIMATE CHANGE ACROSS THE PRECAMBRIAN BASEMENT OF SEMI-ARID PENINSULAR INDIA: GUNNELL, Yanni, Department of Geography, Université Denis-Diderot (Paris 7), and Laboratoire de Géographie Physique, CNRS-UMR 8591, 1 Place A. Briand, Meudon, 92120, France, gunnell@paris7.jussieu.fr and DURAND, Nicolas L., French Institute of Pondicherry, 11, Saint Louis Street, Pondicherry, 605001, India
6-3110LATE CRETACEOUS TO LATE PLEISTOCENE DRAINAGE EVOLUTION OF COBAR UPLAND, N.S.W., AUSTRALIA: DUK-RODKIN, Alejandra, Terrain Sciences Division, Geol Survey of Canada, 2203-33rd Stree N.W, T3G 3R1Calgary, AB, Canada, adukrodk@nrcan.gc.ca, CHAN, Roslyn, CRC LEME, Geoscience Australia, GPO Box 378, 2601 Canberra ACT, Australia, and MCQUEEN, Ken, Department of Geology, Australian National Univ, 0200 Canberra ACT, Australia
6-4111REGOLITH-LANDFORM PROCESSES AT NORTHPARKES CU-AU MINE, NSW, AUSTRALIA: CHAN, Roslyn, Geoscience Australia, CRC LEME, GPO Box 378, 2601 Canberra ACT, Australia, Roslyn.Chan@ga.gov.au and TONUI, Eric, California Institute Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125-0001
6-5112LATE CENOZOIC PALEOCHANNEL MINERAL DEPOSITS OF THE TRANS-URALS PENEPLAIN: PATYK-KARA, Natalia G., Russian Academy of Science, Institute of Geology of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Minerology and Geochemistry, IGEM, 35, Staromonetny per, 109017 Moscow, Russia, pkara@igem.msk.su, KONOPLEV, Alexey D., Russian Academy of Science, All-Russian Scientific Institute of Mineral Rscs, Staromonetny per. 31, 119017 Moscow, Russia, and SPASSKAYA, Irina I, Russian Academy of Science, Institute of Geography, 29 Staromonetny per, 119017 Moscow, Russia
6-6113EARLY PLEISTOCENE AND LATE TERTIARY PALEOCHANNELS IN THE CANADIAN CORDILLERA AND ADJACENT PLAINS: DISCOVERY, RECONSTRUCTION AND ECONOMIC IMPLICATIONS: LEVSON, Victor M., New Ventures Branch, British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines, 6th floor, 1810 Blanshard Street, Victoria, BC V8V 1X4 Canada, vic.levson@gems9.gov.bc.ca.
6-7114THE QUATERNARY PERIGLACIAL ALLUVIUM OF THE KAMA RIVER BASIN AS A POLYCOMPONENT RAW MATERIAL (SAND AND GRAVEL, GOLD, PGE, DIAMONDS: NAUMOVA, Oksana B., Permian State University, Faculty of Geology, Bukirev Str. 15, 614600 Perm, Russia, naumov@psu.ru and VLADIMIR, Naumov, Permian State University, Nat Rsch Institute, Genkel Str. 4, 61400 Perm, Russia
6-8115GROUND PENETRATING RADAR AND GIS IN FLUVIAL PLACER EXPLORATION, MAPLE CREEK, GUYANA: HICKIN, Adrian S., (1) School of Earth and Ocean Science, Univ of Victoria, PO Box 3055 STN CSC, Victoria, BC V8W 3P6, Canada, adrianhickin@cogeco.ca, PAULEN, Roger C., Alberta Geological Survey, Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, 4th Floor, Twin Atria Building, 4999 - 98 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6B 2X3, Canada, and BOBROWSKY, Peter T., Canada Landslide Loss Reduction Program, (3) Geol Survey of Canada, 601 Booth Street, Ottawa, ON K1A 0E8, Canada, pbobrows@NRCan.gc.ca
6-9116ON THE ORIGIN OF SALTPETER, NORTHERN CHILE COAST: ARIAS, Jaime, The Oregon and Chilean Exploration & Mining Co, El Alba 1, Parcela 18, Chicureo, Colina, Santiago Chile, m_oregon@entelchile.net.
6-10117REGOLITH GEOCHEMISTRY, MINERALOGY, REGOLITH MAPPING, GEOMORPHOLOGY: CHAN, Roslyn, Geoscience Australia, CRC LEME, GPO Box 378, 2601 Canberra ACT Australia, Roslyn.Chan@ga.gov.au.
6-11118STUDY OF LAND USE CHANGE IN YULIN PREFECTURE: LI, ZHongfeng, RS&GIS, Chinese Acadamy of Sci, 260# Donggang West Road, Lanzhou City, GanSu Province, China, lanzhou 730000 China, zhongfengli@yahoo.com.cn.
6-12119FOSSIL IVORY – A SPECIFIC PLACER OCCURRENCES OF RUSSIA’S ARCTIC: SMIRMOV, Alexander N., All-Russian Research Institute, Geology and Mineral Rscs of the World Ocean, Maklin Avenu, 1, 190121St-Peterburg Russia, pkara@igem.msk.su.

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