XVI INQUA Congress
Session No. 40 Saturday, July 26, 2003
1:30 PM-4:30 PM, Reno Hilton Resort and Conference Center: Pavilion

T6. Glacier Extent and Ice Thickness in Eurasia at the Last (?) Glacial Maximum (Posters)

Juergen Ehlers and Matthias Kuhle, Presiding
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40-146MORAINES IN THE MOUNTAINS OF ANATOLIA: EVIDENCES FOR QUATERNARY ATMOSPHERIC CIRCULATION PATTERNS: AKÇAR, Naki, Institute for Geol Sciences, Baltzerstrasse 1-3, Berne, 3012, Switzerland, akcar@geo.unibe.ch and SCHLUECHTER, Christian, Institut for Geol Sciences, Baltzerstrasse 1-3, Berne, 3012, Switzerland
40-247AN EXTENT AND AGE OF THE LAST GLACIATION IN LITHUANIA: GUOBYTE, Rimante, Geological Survey of Lithuania, Konarskio 35, Vilnius 2600 Lithuania, rimante.guobyte@lgt.lt.
40-348QUATERNARY GLACIATIONS IN THE HIGH MOUNTAINS OF NORTHERN PAKISTAN: KAMP, Ulrich, Department of Geography, DePaul University, 990 W Fullerton Parkway, Chicago, IL 60614, ukamp@depaul.edu.
40-449LATE QUATERNARY GLACIATION OF THE ERCIYES VOLCANO, CENTRAL TURKEY: SARIKAYA, M. Akif1, ÇINER, Attila1, and ZREDA, Marek2, (1) Dept. of Geological Engineering, Univ of Hacettepe, Beytepe-06532, Ankara, Turkey, sarikaya@hacettepe.edu.tr, (2) Hydrology and Water Resources, Univ of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721
40-550MAPS OF THE RHONE GLACIER FROM 1841 TO TODAY: SCHOENEICH, Philippe, Institut de Géographie Alpine, Université Joseph Fourier - Grenoble I, 14 bis, av. Marie-Reynoard, Grenoble, 38100, France, philippe.schoeneich@ujf-grenoble.fr and SWISS COMMISSION FOR QUATERNARY RESEARCH, N/A, Swiss Academy for Science
40-752GLACIATION OF THE NETHERLANDS: VAN DER MEER, Jaap J.M., Geography, Queen Mary College, University of London, Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS, United Kingdom, j.meer@qmul.ac.uk and LABAN, Cees, TNO-NITG, Princetonlaan 6, Utrecht, 3584 CB, Netherlands
40-853DEGLACIATION HISTORY OF LATVIA: ZELÈS, Vitâlijs, Department Geography, Univ of Latvia, 19 Rainis Blvd, Riga, LV-1586, Latvia, vzelcs@lanet.lv and MARKOTS, Aivars, Department of Geography, Univ of Latvia, 19 Rainis Blvd, Riga, LV-1586, Latvia
40-954THE EXTENT OF PLEISTOCENE ICE CAP, GLACIAL DEPOSITS AND GLACIOKARST IN THE ALADAGLAR MASSIF: CENTRAL TAURIDS RANGE, SOUTHERN TURKEY: BAYARI, Serdar1, ZREDA, Marek2, CINER, Attila1, NAZIK, Lütfi3, TÖRK, Koray3, ÖZYURT, Nur1, KLIMCHOUK, Alexander4, and SARIKAYA, M. Akif1, (1) Dept. of Geological Engineering, Hacettepe Univ, Beytepe 06532, Ankara, Turkey, serdar@hacettepe.edu.tr, (2) Hydrology and Water Resources, Univ of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721, marek@hwr.arizona.edu, (3) Karst and Cave Research Unit, General Directorate Mineral Resouces Rsch (MTA), Sögütözü 06510, Ankara, Turkey, (4) Ukranian Academy of Sciences, P.O.Box 136, Kiev-30, 01030, Ukraine

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