2005 Salt Lake City Annual Meeting (October 16–19, 2005)

Paper No. 14
Presentation Time: 5:00 PM


LEFEVRE, Cecil W., 150 West Oneida, Preston, ID, 83263 and GLEASON, Warren Jay, 106 West Oneida, Preston, ID, 83263, cecilwl@plmw.com

Cecil W. LeFevre and Warren Jay Gleason found with an “L” shaped rod that harmonic energy wave bubbles surrounded a man. Similar waves were observed around a metal pole only when it was in sunlight or was heated. The bubble waves shifted suddenly when an “L” shaped rod was placed in the man's hand. A group of harmonic waves pointed forward from the rod and Saturn type rings were observed around the man. The energy waves projecting from the rod repelled, attracted, or joined waves that sheathed flowing water, moving objects, magnets, photons, electrons, and energy units. Those waves were designated as Electric Sheaths and indicated why the “L” shaped rods moved. The Electric Sheath theory demonstrated how the electron could react like a particle and carry a sheath with definite wave properties. Wave sheaths traveling in like directions repelled at a critical distance when moved toward each other and then joined. Energy waves traveling in opposite directions continued to repel when moved toward each other. Waves projected forward at a bend in moving energy. Disks or Saturn type rings were observed outward from complete circle bends and the disk edges repelled. The joining and repelling of the electron waves showed why magnetism occurred. Waves became closer together and multiplied as energy was increased. The waves were reduced as energy was consumed. Metal around moving electrons absorbed the sheath and became warmer. The sheath of moving electrons was reduced as temperature declined indicating involvement in super conduction theory. Substitution of quantum mechanics' atomic orbitals, which had been mathematically calculated with the wave data they observed in their experiments explained all types of chemical reactions. The formation of electron pairs into disks which repelled each other until each atomic shell was filled eliminated the valence configuration theory and made transition elements the same as all others. The data observed explains dark matter and can be applied from subatomic particles to the largest objects in space.