2013 Conference of the International Medical Geology Association (25–29 August 2013)

Paper No. 3
Presentation Time: 9:40 AM


MAÑAY, Nelly, Specialized Center of Chemical Toxicology (CEQUIMTOX), Faculty of Chemistry -University of the Republic, Gral. Flores 2124, Montevideo, 11800, Uruguay, nmanay@fq.edu.uy

IMGA Chapter in Uruguay developed a highly qualified team to carry out research work, teaching, training and extension activities. Main study areas are on trace elements that impact on health, such as environmental lead exposure, arsenic and fluoride in water, selenium in food, silica and asbestos in the air, deficiencies of essential elements such as copper in animals, among others.

The aims are to show the chronology of activities undertaken by this Uruguay chapter:

It has been consolidated in late 2009 when the 3rdHemispheric Conference was held in Uruguay and in 2010 was officially recognized by IMGA.

In 4thInternational Conference on Medical Geology held in Bari, Italy (2011), several oral and poster presentations, including a prize-winning one and a travel award, were from Uruguay Chapter. Also in 2011, a Research Group on Medical Geology was created in the University of the Republic of Uruguay, with researchers from the Faculties of Chemistry, Sciences and Veterinary (chemists, toxicologists, geologists and veterinarians respectively), who worked together in order to create a framework for future projects.

In 2012 the developing of several academic and teaching activities carried out with the chapter´s highly qualified members were continued. Besides, a regional Medical Geology scientific interdisciplinary activity proposal was supported by the Program of Development of Basic Sciences of the Ministry of Education of Uruguay.

On present year, 2013, a National Seminar on Medical Geology Approaches of Environmental and Occupational Toxicology with the participation of the current IMGA president, Dr. Jose Centeno as invited speaker took place at the Faculty of Chemistry. This was jointly organized by members from the IMGA Uruguay Chapter and the Specialized Center of Analytical Toxicology and supported by the National Agency of Research and Innovation from Uruguay.

Several on going research projects and training activities will be also presented.

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